Sur Rod / Press

“Sur Rod is the BEST OF THE BEST in Nashville's Rock/Pop Genre. This multi-talented artist has what it takes to deliver the goods and show Music City the next superstar to KICK ASS & take names in Nashville's Underground Rock Scene!!! ”


“Supreme Rock-God vocals, killer tracks!”

Damian Wild

“ALBUM REVIEW: SUR ROD: SURRODSOUND _____________________________________ "...a bold, brassy and confident first musical outing, offering a tasty host of well penned, thoughtfully structured and neatly recorded songs..."”

“NAshville has a star”


“I have to say that this music has all it takes to make Rod Sur Rod a God damn Rock God. He has the talent, the voice, and Adonis would shirk from his good looks. Man...some guys just have it all. Rod Sur Rod....the world awaits.”

Steve Inglis

“Rock is a wave that is catapulted by the experience of the artist's life, you can't fake it, thank you for sharing yours. Much respect for your work!”

Robert Machado

“you remind me of Lennon - ripping every last ounce of emotion outta your vocals - real heavy duty”

the Throdgemorton Five

“I love how you just put it all out there in your songwriting, your lyrics seem so personal i feel like I know your pain, your love, your yearnings just by listening, thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. ”

Kim Guthrie

“Excellent! What a GREAT voice, killer sense of melody, and really creative tunes. This is just superb stuff!”

The Professor and Naomi Kay

“Sensational, such passion and vocal drive behind your music! Amazing”

Samantha Jay Music