Surgeon / Press

"They inhabit that rare space that could attract rock radio attention as well as a good share of the trve among us. I know that’s true because I can’t get these songs out of my head." Full metal attorney

"Surgeon is a great original rock band that adds just the right touches of prog, metal, aggression, and melody...I was amazed at the pristine production and amazing musicianship...Surgeon gives me hope for the future of rock!"

“Surgeon is a very talented Philadelphia band with a blend of progressive hard rock and metal... this band has definite potential to go very far, professionally, so see 'em in the small clubs while you still can! ”

“You should check them out live... GREAT, GREAT LIVE BAND”

“I’m very excited about how much these guys sound like they love doing this. The (album) screams blood, sweat, and tears.”

“Music to wake the dead”


“Their music is loud and big, full of tight and blistering guitar riffs, hammering bass lines and punchy vocals... dynamic.”

“Surgeon is all about intensity and attitude, with a visceral, nihilistic beautifully-executed prog metal sound that makes Kirk Hammet sound like the tooth fairy.”

“If Surgeon thrashed the living fuck out of your speakers on 2008's Steve Albini-recorded Angry Guest, wait till you hear what they've cooked up since. New cuts dropped at shows this spring see the Germantown brooders rocking even more askew arrangements, and yet somehow they're still double-helix-y intertwined.”

"Angry Guest is a seven track gem...I had to listen to all seven tracks again and again, and several more times.. because it was that damn good. If you haven’t gotten yourself a copy of (Surgeon's) album Angry Guest yet, do so, because you’re going to want to rock out." Rating: 5/5