Sure Fire Method / Press

“What amazing stage presence and energy Sure Fire Method has! If you are not a fan of the scream rock genre you should still give this band a listen because they truly shocked me with their talent. However, I will say that their online music does not do them justice. Watching these guys live gets you hype about local music and the few guys I met in the band were nothing but nice! When I first listened to their music online I was thinking Justin's (lead vocals) were a little weak but I was lucky enough to see them live where they quickly squashed that assumption :) From singing to screaming he really holds control of his voice and makes you feel the music. There were a few flat moments but if you have to sacrifice that for the amount of energy he was giving off on stage, that is okay be me! While this is a new band the members are not new to the local KC music scene and it is so refreshing to see talented musicians keep on their grind in music rather than giving up and walking away. Th”