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“These days, Philly hip-hop mainstay Supreem Dareglater goes by, simply, Supreem. But while his moniker may be stripped down, his new sound is amped up, filled out, funked up and louder than ever. His latest band, Supreem and the New Experience, is a tight fit on almost any local stage, with 12 members performing an upbeat, feel-good blend of old-school funk and hip-hop. “I never saw this coming. When I pictured myself performing these songs, I just saw two turntables and a microphone,” says Supreem. But when longtime session musician — and now PEW Fellow — Chuck Treece entered the recording process, Supreem’s vision changed completely. “I kept trying to convince him to do drums on the recordings and, eventually, somehow, he wound up playing almost every instrument. He’s just amazing. Suddenly the sound was real live and organic,” explains Supreem. “I still didn’t want to put a band together for live shows, but then my manager laid it out to me.”

“Supreem and the New Experience create the kind of music that pays homage to the classic music of their roots with a fresh new sound and a live show that can’t help but be noticed. “We are bringing back the real funk and hip hop that’s been missing from music for so long, and a stage show that is unrivaled by anyone, signed or unsigned,” said Supreem. “[We have] a real DJ, DJ Xzotixc D, cutting with records and a horn section, just bringing real music back.” He wants fans of his music to not only enjoy the music but to grasp the meaning. “See, my music is like life, you gotta look up to get down,” said Supreem. “We need to be thankful for what we got and have faith for what we want and in the meantime work hard so we can play hard too until our goals are met. Nobody can party all the time or be angry all the time. We have to take the good with the bad and do things in moderation and use wisdom to ensure a long, good life. That's what I want people to get out of my mus”

“Four-Point Shots May Be Sexy, But Are They Sexy Enough to Get You to Watch Summer Ball? -- There's a live band, whom I believe went by the name "Supreme and the New Experience" (but don't hold me to that), who played before and after the game and during all breaks. This isn't a rule change, but it was really phenomenal anyway.”

“The-Ball League Implements The Funk For Fans More Sharing ServicesShare | The-Ball, the hottest new professional basketball league consisting of All Star college players, implements the funk for fans. Supreem & The New Experience of Philadelphia, Pa are announced as official house pep band. Philadelphia (I-Newswire) August 4, 2012 - Supreem & The New Experience will be performing, this weekend, as the house pep band for a new professional basketball league called The Ball. The league’s official first season starts in 2013, but two preseason games will take place on Saturday, August 4th, in DC and on Sunday, August 5th in Philadelphia. Both games will air regionally on Comcast SportsNet on the East Coast. These two games kick off the entire the league giving a preview of the full season to the press, media, and basketball fanatics all over the world. Supreem & The New Experience will be performing during the halftime show at each game, as well as during the pregame festivities.”

““Soo I know you wondering what is that smell...and why is it so strong? This strong odor happens to be the rebirth of the Brand New Funk. Brace yourself as you take your first whiff while you read this article. The focus is set on Supreem Da Rezarekta a highly energetic dynamic entertainer, who stands as the front man for the Philadelphia based Funk Rock Hip Hop Band, Da Rezarekt. The band is on a short hiatus due to a medical issue, leaving Supreem with the daring task to embark on his solo mission. Should you ever find yourself in the audience while Supreem is displaying his talents on stage, fundafied can best describe your current state. The amount of energy he produces is insurmountable, as he makes it his priority to keep the crowd involved as well as entertained. I was very much pleased to witness the performance, grateful to get a whiff of that ole classic Funk ””

““How did your FunkRokHop sound begin? Supreem: For me, it really began with P-Funk, James Brown, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Roots. Being a Hip Hop fanatic, I just put my love for rhyming and Hip Hop with the Funk/Rock that the rest of the band brought to the table. And as we evolved the sound evolved and gelled. Supreem: It’s put a lot of free time on my hands. So instead of going totally crazy like most of us do when the band stalls, I decided to put out a totally funked out EP with David Ivory and Chuck Treece, do some shows with my DJ and best friend DJ Xzotic D, and explore a sound that's been in my head for a minute but wasn't something that would fit Da Rezarekt's vibe. As far as the band, it has put the brakes on a band that loves to keep moving and stay super busy.””