Super Stolie / Press

“You recently switched to a whole new demographic. Why kids music? I’ve been working as a musician for 15 years. I love playing for an enthusiastic audience, whoever that may be, and kids are so enthusiastic. They’re my favorite audience, because it’s just so fun. Kids music was the perfect transition out of nightlife performing. What was one of your most memorable shows? Recently, I played for a fall fest. I played the last set and by then a lot of people had left. A handful of families came that knew all of the words. The kids were requesting my songs, and it was the biggest compliment. They made it a blast. How is it making kids music if you don't have kids? Sometimes I think that if I had kids it would help the songwriting ,because I would be pulling from direct experience. Other times, I think I’m writing in a different way because I don’t have to deal with the dirty diapers and the tantrums, so everything is funny to me. ”