Andrew Clyde / Press

“Andrew Clyde was a big hit! He sang familiar Rat Pack era songs like he was Frank Sinatra at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. He shook hands with everyone, got down on a knee a few times, gave several solos, and generally left everyone touched with a little bit of romance. He introduced all of his songs with either a witty comment, a bit of history, or some interesting fact. The audience loved it and was full of joy and smiles from beginning to end. Andrew was extraordinarily professional, super enthusiastic and positively entertaining! www.breadandroses.org Host: Carolyn Gauthier - Bread & Roses.”

Shannon Geis - www.Breadand Roses.org

“As Andrew Clyde approached the stage, dressed in a black tux, red bow tie, black hat and sunglasses, I knew this show was going to be fabulous. Andrew not only looked the part for his 20's - 50's vocals but sang beautifully, charming the ladies in the audience and getting several of the men to sing along. The audience knew all the songs from "When Somebody Loves You" which got a big OHHHH! on the first note, to the big finale of "New York, New York." There was lots of audience participation and lots of smiles. It was a great way to kick off the holidays and bring happiness to everyone in attendance.”

“When Andrew walked out looking dapper in his tuxedo, the stage was set for excellence. The audience was very enthusiastic, expressing their excitement in many forms, but seeing true joy on their faces brought a huge smile to Andrew’s face. As the show progressed, more people were dancing and celebrating, but a few really stood out to me. There was the blind young man who really connected with the music, there was a woman who brought her small toy guitar and stood right next to Andrew to be part of the band. He welcomed her with open arms and she “played” along, loving every minute of it. I was most moved by a woman who sat in the dining room until the encore - New York, New York. She got up like a butterfly and literally spread her wings and danced throughout the entire dining room. It was a glorious performance and everyone left feeling happy and elated!”

Debbie Matson - Bread & Roses

“When Andrew Clyde took the stage something changed. His big band songs brought life back into their eyes. For the forty-five minutes he played, these seniors, some barely able to walk, were young again. His suavity and charmingly flirtatious manner created such a visible change in these elderly folk that it was hard not to smile at the scene. He greeted and conversed with the audience, asking them their names and how they were doing. As the show progressed, the audience became more and more impressed with his talent and in return grew more excited he came around to talk .Some got up to sing along and dance to the music. Towards the end of the set an employee came up to me and said with tears in her eyes, “I’m starting to get emotional. A few weeks ago they would have just sat with their heads down.” The transformation was obvious.”

Aidan Nelson - Bread & Roses

“Andrew Clyde strikes a dapper figure, with his black tuxedo and bright red bow tie, hankie and cummerbund. Even more striking is his smooth, soothing voice wrapped so skillfully around his catalogue of jazz standards and show tunes. Guests were individually greeted by a smiling Andrew, roving with his wireless microphone, chatting it up between songs and during instrumental breaks in the verses. A seasoned entertainer, Andrew never missed a beat while encouraging audience members to dance or sing along. The song selection, ranging from Erroll Garner to Elvis, was a perfect match for this audience - evoking fond memories of happy times. There were smiles all around as Andrew Clyde concluded his afternoon musical offering.”

Bob Butler - Bread & Roses

“Andrew Clyde and his Imaginary Big Band put on a fabulous show at the Cedars Textile Arts Center. Andrew is very engaging with the audience and brings them into his performance. His beautiful voice brought classic standards like Blue Moon back to life. It did not take long for the front of the room to be filled with dancers, with such joy in their faces, it was contagious! But Andrew did not want people sitting to be left out. So he frequently walked to the back of the room, even sitting and serenading a lovely woman who was captivated by his music. There was a pouring of affection and happiness from everyone in the room, numerous couples were dancing close during slow numbers. There was also plenty of hand clapping during the show, and hand shaking with Andrew after the show, with many people wanting his autograph.”

Debbie Matson - Bread & Roses

“The best seniors entertainer I have ever seen”

Bob Butler - Bread & Roses

“From his opening tune, “I've Got The World On A String,” through his encore number, the showstopping “New York, New York,” an encore which the audience demanded vociferously, Mr. Clyde held the crowd in his firm but gentle grasp. The rapport between performer and audience was palpable and strong. Andrew’s singing is a wonder to behold. It’s so clear that he works hard at perfecting his technique and getting every note and nuance just right. Andrew uses his finely-honed technique and deep, resonant vocal instrument to support the emotions of the song. The set was organized really well, each song flowing smoothly into the next. This was music the crowd knows and loves, & I very much liked Andrew Clyde’s reading of these delicious classics and his showman-like show. It was a mutual love-fest between singer and listeners and a rollicking presentation as well, and I know AC will be back at Alma Via, and also at a venue near you, soon”

“Andrew Clyde does have a voice of velvet, perfect for bringing life to those great songs of the Big Band era”