Super Robot Party / Press

“Super Robot Party conjures the likeness of Guided By Voices, Explosions In The Sky, The Flaming Lips and The Jesus and Mary Chain to form their own brand of noisy indie rock”

“Then there’s headliners Super Robot Party... I’ve only heard bits and pieces so far, but what I’ve heard is nicely splintered and hazy, almost like Bee Thousand-era Guided by Voices, before Pollard & co. dove headlong into The Rock -”

“Super Robot Party: This new reverb-laden five piece crafts ethereal shoegaze drones, touched with tidbits of folk. The experimental mixture sounds a lot like someone's garage in 1991, heck even a blend of several garages on the street, full of kids and guitars. The Pasadena group has nearly three dozen tracks available on Soundcloud, or for the full experience, catch them tonight at Dean's with Jealous Creatures and A Sundae Drive.”