Superlative Recondite / Press

“super, super, super!! DR.!”

Random Wishes

"Wayward"!! It's always a treat when I find an artist that stops me in my tracks!

Jeffrey Whitman

“Some sick electronic tunes, man! I'm putting "Brainwasher" onto my weekend party playlist!”

Spencer Joyce

"Brainwasher" is a mind bender. Cool vibe!


“Neat mix....very cool beats, keep it up!!!!”


“Very multidimensional arrangements!! Nicely done...keep it going!”

Fatbo Seuss

“Brainwasher is hot!!! much love!! ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard

“Great sounds, people, really great sounds!!”

Damn Hippies

“Very cool production work on thee tracks bro..love all the detail and bounce of the grooves..it's fantastic to hear it through headphones cause there is so much going on..love that funky distorted bass for "Drainer Mix"! This is mesmerizing, deep skillfull work!!!”


“I'm with Mike! got my headphones on too and its bangin..."the drainer mix", awesome!”


“Very inventive group, with sophisticated arrangements & a smorgasbord of sounds & effects!”


“Giant BONG HIT to the ears...Yeh man.”

Richard D. Ruttenberg

“Hypnotic work!”

Caroline Ty

“Great work, really dig the groove!”


“Slappin'!!!! ”

Geoff F Walter