SuperLast / Press

“SuperLast drummer Rich Pyle is used to getting attention due to his consistent appearances on the show "Hardcore Pawn." But this night it was all about the music. The band and busloads of SuperLast fans stormed the Rack and Roll night club and helped to make the show a smashing success. While the TV show "Hardcore Pawn" may have helped SuperLast gain the attention of music fans, it's their hard work and talent that have kept it. Lead singer Mike Azuri's ability to captivate the crowd was undeniable. John Quiroz' unorthodoxed guitar picking style is as original as it is impressive. And Tim Reamer on guitar and Tim Downs on bass provide the perfect string section. All of this combined with Rich Pyle's savant like command of his drum set come together to create the powerhouse that is SuperLast.”

“If you ever wondered what The Doors would sound like if they were a modern rock band, look no further than New Bostons own SuperLast. I saw them perform at Rack N’ Roll in Riverview a week or so ago in a lineup that did not do this band any favors. The band before them was a party rock band, and the band after them were a hardcore screamo band. But SuperLast won every last one of the audience members over with their tight sound, and stellar stage show that left all the performers on stage rocking in pools of their own sweat.”