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“SGL scores 9.8 out of 10! They had 4 sexy dancers entertaining the crowd. On top of that everyone in the band moved around constantly, they were on stage, off stage, they were all over the venue with their crazy lights attached to their heads and instruments! There was so much going on that it felt like I was inside a circus. You can never get bored at a Super Geek League show. I also love how they ran around the venue to get people’s attention before their set.”

“It was a blur. White suited brass with steampunk masks and plastic sunflowers. Ringmasters in short shorts and riding crops. A space age diva bringing down the house on vocals. Whatever the hell they are, it was incredible. Funky, soulful and just the right amount of frightening.”

“This was one of the best musical experiences I have ever attended. This is partly reflective of the all ages crowd that the Super Geek League attracted but it is also reflective of them. ”

“SB7 Artist Super Geek League dishes out some SciFiDelic Soul Metal! Posted on November 9, 2012 by lian This week, we spent some time with one of our SB7 groups the wild Super Geek League to find out what was happening with this amazing “SciFidelic Cirque Du Punk experience.” For those who are new to this kind of full-throttle music artistry, SGL takes their unique hybrid sci-fi psychedelic funk-punk sound and incorporates cirque performers, projections, light shows and frenetic interactive theatrical antics including pillow fight mosh pits, industrial strength confetti canons and crowd-surfing superheroes. On deck for this incomparable group is America’s Got Talent Season 8, USC Resolutions for New Year’s Eve and the Chaos party in Toronto. To find out more about their experiences as a group like no other, we asked them a few questions to get some persp”

“Day 3 provided the most action packed fun filled shows of Bumbershoot that I saw. The first show of the day turned out to be my favorite of the festival! 37 people made up the team that is Super Geek League to start the day at the Exhibition Hall. Maybe team isn't the right word. The vibe back stage watching everyone get ready was more like a feeling of family. A strange family indeed with a weird Grandpa and all. The show is the brainchild of Floyd McFeely who has a seriously creative mind. As a photographer I was of course blown away by the visual stimulation. It wasn't just about the wild characters that went in and out of the show almost nonstop though. The music was awesome! A punk/funk sound that had me jumping up and down the entire time I was snapping photos.”

“16) Super Geek League (Exhibition Hall, Monday): Bumbershoot audiences got a full-meal deal from Super Geek League Monday afternoon–dancing girls, butterfly women on stilts, a full horn section in white suits and glowing headgear, giant mutant eyeballs, and a throatily-soulful female lead singer atop the whole unlikely mix. Fortunately, the music (think Shirley Bassey covering Residents songs backed by Rage Against the Machine) was as strong as it was weird.”

“ He writes: “We have already been named “Best Masked Bands” so mine [sic] as well be one of the WEIRDEST bands.” Amen, brother. ”

“Another rather unique mix of genres presented Seattle’s Super Geek League while playing Soul Metal. This marriage of soul and heavy metal is brought together by the singer’s Mowtown voice, a horn section, and heavy metal instrumentation by the rest of this ten piece band. The stage at the Bovine Sex Club was very crowded and the energy that came from the stage was incredible. The band played impeccable music and offered something for the eyes as well while wearing elaborate costumes and interesting sun glasses. For an extravagant show in which you hear two genres mixed that usually do not get mixed very often, Super Geek League is a band to check out.”

"...Toss in some ridiculously crazy 6 string bass action, a horn section, and guitars from hell and what begins to emerge is a new genre altogether. “Soul Metal.” Mastermind Floyd McFeely has orchestrated yet again another bastard child incarnation of musical genius and visual candy in a live performance that will leave you so completely asking yourself what just happened again and again. A Truck load of confetti? Check. A wall of sound so blatantly in your face the only choice is to submit to its power and control and dance around like a foolish little kid with Your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Like Nobody is watching. But we are all watching to see what SGL will have next. With its third and most compelling album set to drop later this month and a tour lining out that will span both coasts Starting at Toronto’s NXNE Music Festival. http://www.nxne.com/ We will be watching for the cops. This is where the party stops."

“SGL selected as one of the "Best Masked Bands" of all-time right up there with KISS, Gwar, Mudvayne, Slipknot and ICP! http://seattle.metromix.com/entertainment/2523277”

“Seattle's rock station KISW's very own Iron Mike Savoia! "#9 Super Geek League – King Cat Theater 9/10/10 - One of the greatest local band live specticles EVER! See this rock band circus live! http://www.supergeekleague.com"”

“Super Geek League NOW LISTINGS Date: January 22 Face paint, elaborate costumes, acrobatics, fire mimes, genre-jumping numbers from a gaggle of musicians: describing Super Geek League's spectacle of a performance is next to impossible, but don't say we didn't try.”

“The Seattle-based band is basically its own sci-fi musical circus, complete with facepaint, outlandish costumes and a variety of on-stage antics, many of which aren't exactly appropriate to describe in the newspaper. Included in the show are an acrobat, dancers (one of whom is originally from Fresno, more on that later) and "half-dead zombie pirates." It sort of sounds like Cirque du Soleil ... gone insane. As for the music, it's an odd mix: "Slipknot meets Mannheim Steamroller" is how the band describes its sound. It's based in hard rock, certainly isn't afraid to get funky, and has no problem jumping from genre to genre. For example, Super Geek League's most popular song is a rocked-out cover of a song by the rapper T.I.....”

"SUPER GEEK LEAGUE It's rare for us to bring a band back two years in a row, but we got more emails saying "who were those guys? they were f*cking great!" than ever before. They were last year's Sonicbids Top Indie Band winner, they are called Super Geek League, and their show is a veritable sci-fi punk circus of costumed madness and distinctive quirky primal funk. If System of a Down, Primus and the Insane Clown Posse were to gang bang Macy Gray, Super Geek League would undoubtedly be their spunky demon offspring."