Superfinos VTO / Press

“band with gritty production and an indie ethic. Full of powerful, screaming guitars and ripped vocals, this band plays a searing brand of grunge/punk.”

“Grunge Rock rock is alive and kickin’! The Bay Area has a rock group that has revamped the classic sound of the 90′s grunge scene and brought it up to basically the modern equivalent of where Nirvana would be if Kurt were still composing songs today. There is something to be said about this genre of music that has loads of raw emotion and character. Superfinos VTO is a band that will not go unnoticed just by the sheer fact they play with a lot of heart and speak volumes with lyrics and music that almost anyone can relate to these days.My first impression was, “Damn, why aren’t labels jumping to sign this band!?!” Everything is there; emotion, intensity, tone, & passion. This is a band with flares of a punk/funk injected directly into your ears, this trio has loads of energy that will shake”

“It’s a throwback of sorts to bands like MC5 and the Stooges, but definitely something with a modern enough feel that it can stand on its own.”

“Rock: There's no other way to put it. There are cowbells and shakers, but mostly loud guitars and chest-deep screams and songs about sex. Independent ethic, and detached sincerity, Superfinos VTO emphatically leaves no room for niceties. ”