“Throughout [Corporate Dynamite], you know you are dealing with a band who'd be at home trading shots with Lemmy or headbutts with Phil Anselmo. Because beyond the Southern influence, this is all about bruising, bar room rock'n'roll and living the lifestyle of hobos with a backpack of great riffs. SUPERCHIEF offers nothing new, but who cares? This is fresh, fearless. And any band who offer a hymn to Saint Bukowski (that's Charles) have the right idea.”

Malcolm Dome - Metal Hammer

“Superchief might be from Des Moines, but they’ve little in common with those famed DM metalheads Slipknot. As proven on the album Corporate Dynamite (Brolester) is a surging collaboration of The Allman Brothers, Clutch, Motorhead and Scissorfight. The band have convincing redneck groove, but combine this with a real edge. Startlingly surprising success.”

“Superchief bands together to preserve hard rock music, lifestyle Superchief is on the warpath to save classic, guitar-driven hard rock and its ensuing debauchery.”

“SUPERCHIEF aren't asking for much, but they're asking for it loudly.”

“Some pics of our latest show, courtesy of Juice Magazine here in Des Moines”