Coloring Electric Like / Press

"Coloring Electric Like - the sound of a new gaze"

Lee Madge, Untapped: The Best Unsigned and Independent Music from Around the Wor

"Immersive and sexy....fascinating, mysterious, *sick*" ..."if you love Portishead, Curve and Massive Attack, then do me a favour and listen immediately." ..."Their namesake song, "Coloring Electric Like", is simply one of the most sexy, sensual and provocative songs I've heard in recent times."

Renato Malizia, The Blog that Celebrates Itself, and Vinil FM Radio, Brazil

"Coloring Electric Like pulls textures and tones from "Ethereal Wave" and "Grunge/Sludge Pop" to deliver a sweet "ethereal Sludge" that likes to lurk and linger with prominent hooks and commanding vocal melodies."

Scott Wray, Tech Coordinator of Cymaspace, Portland, OR USA

“Nov. 11th, 2013 KNRK 94.7 aired Coloring Electric Like for the first time, and has them in rotation on 94.7 2; their site for streaming music.”

National Airplay On KNRK 94.7