SunSquabi / Press

“This new single possesses a vibrant and animated rhythm, complete with the soulful guitar melodies that SunSquabi is known for. And about half-way through, the track momentarily breaks down into a sedated vibe, but then progresses back up to their dynamic and passionate refrains. The new EP, “Lone Star” surely marks an escalating point in SunSquabi’s musical career; a quality, definitive sound and consistent effort that is sure to pay off for these three musicians.”

“When you first listen to SunSquabi you’re reminded of a lot of electronic artists you recognize — you’ll hear influences by their idols STS9, you’ll move to the grooves reminiscent of Pretty Lights and Michal Menert, you’ll get some tinges of Big Gigantic and every now and again they’ll hit you with some whomp. Not bad qualities to have if you’re a group on the rapid rise…not bad at all.”

“The crowd pushed to the front and the room began to fill in as Sunsquabi opened with "A.C. Lao" -- a song dedicated to the drummer of Pretty Lights Music's Michal Menert. As the band finished up their set with newer material off of their Lonestar EP, the audience got increasingly loose: with gin and tonics, shots of bourbon and microbrews in surplus, everyone was gearing up for Zoogma's return to the Fox.”

“The group does create some interesting soundscapes with their reworkings of Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away” and the theme to HBO’s “Game of Thrones"”

“Though this band thrives through their live performances and live electronic displays; the album mixed and created is a hit that keeps you moving to. With remixed songs and jamming beats also the songs from well known and not so well known artists truly give a different perspective to the band.”

"Freedom" can mean a lot of things--Breaking the chains of oppression, consequence free expression of thoughts or actions. For Boulder-based livetronica trio SunSquabi, it means shattering the assumptions of just what it means to be a livetronica act in 2012. For some, melding bluesy, soaring riffs with contemporary production techniques results in a Frankenstein monster of haphazard spare parts bolted together in an uncomfortable mass. For Sunsquabi, Kevin Donohue's guitar work, aching with soul and syrup free, melds effectively with side-chained bass from Andrew Clymer and sharp e-drumming from Chris Anderson. Whether this machine was assembled in the studio or on a laptop, the effect is the same, as big live sets at State Bridge Amphitheater,Wakarusa, and Sonic Bloom have cemented Sunsquabi's reputation in the past month as a newcomer to the scene that is sure to make its presence felt. "Freedom" is the future.

“We raved about Boulder, CO’s Sunsquabi during SnowBall Music Festival this year and after the release of their new track ‘Scopin’ For Love’ we’re still raving. It’s a smooth electronic guitar laden banger and packed full of funk and hip-hop sounds — very reminiscent of Ratatat and that’s a damn good thing. We told you then to keep your eyes on this group and we’re sticking with our guns”

“Clocking in at right around 35 minutes, Catastrophic is a record that I can honestly say is worth a listen, if not four. At first I was skeptical as to what type of sound they were trying to achieve and by the end it was obvious that they do not need to try to recreate any sound at all, they have found one all their own and it’s got a little something for everyone from ravers to progressive rockers.”

“The future of Sunquabi only holds bigger and better things for the trio. They are set to perform at the Snowball Music Festival in Vail alongside musical acts like Rusko, MiM0SA, and Bassnectar, and they have also recently won the Denver installment of Waka Winter Classic, a regional contest which sets Sunsquabi up with a spot at Wakarusa Music Festival in Ozark, Arkansas this coming June.”

“Lone Star is a smooth and eclectic track with dope guitar riffs and melodies, super sick synths sprinkled in to give it flavor, a nice bass line, and a groovy feel that is reminiscent of Pretty Lights and his whole label.”

“At first listen, one would think SunSquabi was a collaboration project between STS9 and Pretty Lights. Get on board with these musicians while they are still local because this band is on a rise to fame. Stay tuned to Swaager for more updates on Wakarusa and most of all, stay with the music!”

“Recently adding Anderson as a live drummer to the Squabi team has turned up the heat with on-point percussion and mastered progressions. However, it might be Donohue’s live guitar that makes Sunsquabi so unique: as we wrote before in a Boulder Weekly review, “heavy bass with slide guitar is really untapped territory.” Fast-paced electronic beats alongside heart piercing guitar solos truly make this group a hot ticket, and you’ve heard it here: these kids are going BIG.”

“Opener SunSquabi came out with a surprisingly well-attended 8:45 set and led the show with the only guitars of the night (heavy bass with slide guitar is really untapped territory).”

“Here’s a jamming electronica group that’s on the rise out of Boulder, Colorado. Their name is SunSquabi and the track is called “Coming Back Rich”. It almost sounds as if Disco Biscuits and Sound Tribe had a baby and it was this song. Turn this one on, dim the lights, light an incense and become entranced. These guys are going places.”

“SunSquabi, a Boulder based band that has been steadily gaining hype, just released an 11 track studio album about three weeks before they are set to open for Eliot Lipp at The Fox Theatre. This album is a total fusion of electronic music and includes some inspiration from hip-hop, dubstep, jaxx, funk, house and moombahton. You can play and download the album below for free, and be sure to “Like” SunSquabi on facebook to keep up with their future shows and releases.”

“This versatile duo turned full swung band has been crushing it since there debut set at Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. Discovering Sun Squabi was an unforgettable experience in a tempest-like storm at Red Rocks. As I entered Red Rocks on the first of three days of Global, I heard HEAVY dubstep coming from the main stage. In the torrential downpour that ensued, one of the cleanest live acts played a truly different set. Equipped with a full on iMac, numerous DJ controllers, a guitar, a drum set, a keyboard, and a bass guitar, they came to open the weekend with a bang. You can see them play live at The Fox Theatre on December 7th, 2011 with Eliot Lipp and Slim Thugz. Here is their recently released Live album, “Enhance”. Download it, Press Play, and Jam on to the crunchy tunes. ”