Suns of Stone / Press

““Suns of stone are an unashamedly retro-fitted rock act who share a love of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rainbow and Lynyrd Skynyrd and who kick up one hell of a storm on their debut album, playing tribute to the beloved acts of their youth with a surprisingly gutsy collection that emphasises the blues at the heart of heavy rock … If you dig blues-infused hard rock, then this massively enjoyable record is for you.””

Sonic Abuse

"The four piece’s particular flavour or rock is a blending of Skynard-style ‘70s throwback, with The Black Keys’ radio-friendly sensibilities, and a liberal application of Jimmy Page-inspired guitar riffs. ... they did their thing and won over a crowd that was more than a little impatient for the main act. And they definitely left with more fans than they had coming in. Colour me impressed."

Kyle Bordo - Raz Mataz Magazine

“The Suns of Stone epitomize what new rock should sound like. New, and yet old; done, but yet become undone. A tinge of the Queen’s of the Stoneage mixed with a hint of Skynard and layered with semblances of the Black Crowes, Suns of Stone just simply rock. Nothing pretentious, nothing overdone… just exactly what you’d want in a rock and roll band. Their live show is a non-stop red-bull like injection of energy from beginning to end and they only leave you wanting more. ”

Jae Pyl - Independent Music News

“Bite, braun and a bit of bad-assery: this is the Suns of Stone. ”

Jae Pyl - Independent Music News