Suns Of Orpheus / Press

“Suns of Orpheus, in a nutshell, sounds like a band that stepped right out of the 1970s, bringing along with it everything cool about the music of the era, and retooled it for modern consumption. When I listen to Amoris Orbita, I really feel like kicking back with a marathon of Chico and the Man, The Mod Squad, and Sanford and Son!”

“This is just fun music, equal parts groovy funk and fiery Latin, with good lyrical matter and the instrumentation cranked up to “muito.” But perhaps most importantly, what this is is exposure of the average listener to something typically far beyond the scope of the daily playlists in their iPods. This is Buena Vista Social Club, just ramped up, contemporary and expounded upon.”

“ As if there were any secrets - Amoris Orbita gets an A+++. Yes, that's right, three plusses after that A. Fans of Satchel Grande, Santana, Cake, Sly and the Family Stone (especially the song "Birth of Music") and Miles Davis will really dig Suns of Orpheus. It is well worth the listen!”

“It's been a while since I've gotten excited about a new band/find. I'm really excited about Suns of Orpheus... a great band that has a unique sound that is funk, rock and psychedelic finely blended with his signature Brazilian influence.”

Manny Morales - MannygoCrazy