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Sunny / Press

“Sunny, you my dear has the IT FACTOR so PLEASE don't put nothing but GOD infront of your music. YOU have one of the most INCREDIBLE GIFTS GOD has given to a singer. I love you and what you do SOO MUCH. Thanks soo much for sharing your wonderful gift with the rest of us...NOW go and GET PAID doing it.”

PiecesOfMichaelJackson/Prince - Comment:

“The voice of an angel”

Natalie Carson - Comment: Human Nature


75biggredd - Comment: Loving You

“Again, you did your thing. And again, you've sang one of those artist, that many should leave alone. Most vocally butcher artist like, Anita, Minnie, Mariah, Whitney and Aretha. You're a brave little lady :). I must say that you take on the challenge very well, and sound great. Keep on pursuing the dream. God Bless.”

scarabY2k - Comment: Loving You

“i'm a huge Minnie fan and this is one of the most beautiful renditions i've ever heard! i'll buy one of your cd's for sure! keep doing it !!”

Francisco Solis - Comment: Loving You

“I saw you for the first time today ...stumbled across your stuff....I must say you are really really good...your range is unreal...you could easily be in the top 5 on Idol right now...You really should be discovered somehow....I would love to hear you sing and I would buy your album for sure....I am requesting that you cover "Wishing on a Star"- rose royce, cover girls, beyonce....You would knock this song out of the park!!!....Good luck and I will be watching for you for sure....”

dobe918 - Comment: Loving You

“Hi Sunny, just discovered you here in London and you really brightened up my life with your singing especially State of Independence. Good luck in all you do and I will be watching. Peter”

Peter Burton - Comment: Loving You

“Girl you have an Amazing voice. Both poetic and inspirational. I have followed your videos for about a year now and I have yet to be disapointed. You got it girl I hope you make it big.”

mj lover - Comment: Butterflies

“oh my gosh, you made me cry. I've never heard a voice so soulful... you are amazing. Michael is probably asking for an encore in heaven. May God keep blessing you with your singing.”

Cristina Jaramillo - Comment: Butterflies

“The angels on the sky are sad: one of them is in this video!. Notes: May I be that butterfly on your hair? (snif!): so many beauty on your face: does it hurt?. Plz! be more ugly! All we felt watching you as in 0:54". I think your man is rich without having any money.”

Pablo Romero - Comment: Butterflies

“Your version of "Butterflies" is just awesome. It would be amazing if you and "Marsha Ambrosius" would do a duet of "Butterflies" because you both have amazing and incredible singing voices. I'm still in awe and all I can say about your sing voice is WOW! You get better with each song. Keep up the amazing work”

letstartthedance - Comment: Butterflies

“you sing from the botton of your heart with all your fellings, I can hear your soul singing together your voice...as I saw Michael... I hope listen to you always and always. Kisses from Brazil!!!”

Thaiz Park - Comment: Butterflies

“I'm a bonafide fan. You are beautiful to watch, and just as lovely to listen to. One of my favorite songs, and hard to do. What a special cover.”

jaquen1977 - Comment: Butterflies

“i think if god had to choose any voice to work with or put many together to make a perfect voice yours would definitely be included”

DOMINIW5 - Comment: Butterflies

“If I was a multi Millionaire...you'd have a deal....and an engagement ring.”

SaintIzzle - Comment: Butterflies

“Wow! you are truly amazing. Imagine my surprise to hear this. I love the song, It just goes to show its not all about recording quality and production. It's a great melody. you have an angelic voice and a musical mind.”

Chris Arter - Comment: Come Wander With Me

“I just listened to you singing the Deniece Classic ''FREE' on youtube ,so enjoyed that and went to your channel, well its times like this that makes youtube SPECIAL, to listen to an Unknown undescovered talent . Well little lady you come into that catagory , I am now a fan of you !! Great Voice !!”

lovemetu - Comment: The Way We Were

“I have no clue who you are but do you realize the talent you have ? Your voice color & tone is as unique as 60's singer Morgana King. You are incredible , young lady !”

niquetoc - Comment: The Way We Were

“That was 2 mins and 58 secs that transcended time and space. thank you”

regemo - Comment: The Way We Were

“girl i love you voice....so soft,so sweet. you have the look between janet jackson and natalie cole, the soft and sweet sound of minnie rippleton...luv ya boo!!!!”

Donnell Randolph - Comment: The Way We Were

“Lovely. Barbra is my favorite and she would be proud of this cover. You have great intonation and a lovely singing voice. It isn't easy to cover Barbra. Great job! :)”

sign543 - Comment: The Way We Were

“I enjoyed the fact that you didn't just copy her - you did your own thing with it here and there and really evoked the message of the song - which very few can do once Streisand has done it... Very nice job!”

fabuvision - Comment: The Way We Were

“i think you really put time into wat u do..by this i mean, ur feeling sad u go put on make up make urself look beautiful then go do your thing which is singin. your deticated 2 your talent.. i really hope you make it so i could buy all you cds”

AVO Freshman - Comment: The Way We Were

“It's more than just singing. Your voice is quite beautiful. Still, what makes you stand out is your sincere, pure and honest sensitivity that is conveyed in your work. OMG, I hope you realize what you have!!”

jawneblaize - Comment: The Way We Were

“You are awesome babe. I love all your songs. The breakthrough is near, God wants you to be confident, (bold and courageous), so the world won't be able to chew you up and spit you out. These last few years doing these videos were good practice. I'm sure you have your songs ready, if not written down they are certainly in you. A New season is coming and Your name is on concert halls and in music stores, and You stay true to yourself. "Over Night Sensation" tops the headlines, I'm Praying for You!”

jggala220 - Comment: The Way We Were

“Dont think im a nut case but.... If you dont get signed very very soon (i know you will) I promise to hunt down every record company on the face of the earth and shove a mouthful of your voice down their throat!! Then once they see how brilliant you are, they'll be attacking each other with sharp objects to get such a rare talent signed to their label. HA! Im sorry, i had to! All out of love.”

kelcikelcikelci - Comment: Unbreak My Heart

“Now THAT ....is a beautiful pulsating vibrato...if you don't know what that means....it means that almost every hit singer has a nice vibrato...and tonal accuracy, all of which this lady has. The real plus here is that I don't think it will be too long before she also starts composing....and then watch out.”

MikesMiyu - Comment: Unbreak My Heart

“You took that song as if it was yours! It was a complete breath of fresh air! It was lovely! I am usually one to say negative things, but you....you, have the world's most beautiful voice! You need to try out for American Idol, you have a real shot!”

homeofgoodies - Comment: Unbreak My Heart

“Me again, Your pitch is a little higher than toni's but your version is sadder and fits what that song was meant to be better. in my opinion you are better that toni on that song. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

heritagecon4445 - Comment: Unbreak My Heart

“Gosh. I'm literally crying. Because I really love this song and your voice just made it perfect. Count me in, 'kelcikelcikelci', on hunting down every record company if she doesn't get signed up soon enough. Great job. Love the piano and - like said before - your voice.”

Rikey Hjalta - Comment: Unbreak My Heart

“Ok sometimes people sing and do this really well but to sing like you sang this song requires additional talent. This talent translates the soul into words and makes people cry, laugh or become sad because of their memories or imagination. Thats exactly what you did with me, thanks”

MarcusLatimer - Comment: Unbreak My Heart

“Your voice is so amazing i mean when you started singing i was captured an had to listen to the song twice an just look into your eye as if we were connected”

KJBretto3214 - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“God Bless you.You have the most amazing voice I have ever heard.And this song you sang it with such feeling.That it makes me proud to be a fan of yours.Keep it going hon! you got it.”

demonchile27 - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“Girl, not even 5 seconds into the song, I knew that you were gonna kill it! AMAZING! I've never heard anyone sing this song anywhere close to the perfection that you just did! BRAVO!... you've made me a fan!”

LyRiCaLpRiNcEsS85 - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“Wow you sing amazing. You can see the feeling. This song is one of my all time favorites. You sound like her too.!!:))”

Ñeca Rodriguez - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“Um, are you famous yet? Because Woman! That voice of yours is...AMAZING. You've managed to give me goosebumps and get me teary eyed. 5 Stars although you deserve many more.”

greysisluv2007 - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“Sang that song, girl. You really get into your music. You make me feel like somebody really did break your heart. Your voice is so unique. So, when are you going to sing "Ready For Love" by India Arie? I'm going to keep requesting it :-).”

L Jackson - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“I totally agree!! Girl you have a voice! You are soo blessed. do you know how many people can really sing Toni Braxton's songs?? Not many! I almost started crying listening to you, it was beautiful and so heartfelt!”

Ebonyfox2 - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“i freakin love this lady like for real she's so good she always has been”

garymababy1 - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“u killed that u coukd sing u need to be sighned to a record label if u could pull that song offfffff gurll .........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa u got thzt i slmost cried u see the tear....”

bianka1998 - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“i love the way u put emotion into this song while you were singing it almost made me tear u sound sooo good keep it up you should go on american idol”

indiabkamisspretty - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“damn u r too good for words”

lebb20 - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“Wow. Someone get Clive Davis on the line and get this woman a contract. My wife and I think you're awesome. Keep singing these great songs. Good Luck!”

jamiesmichael - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“I love it. You never cease to amaze me! I agree with everyone, its clear you feel it. That might add to the brilliance factor of this video. :]”

kelcikelcikelci - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“You killed me....... lol You took a gun and shot me, pushed me from the highest part of the stairway, you choked me, brought an axe and chopped me.. and you made sure I was very dead! lol *runs around like headless chicken* You need to get paid so well for this... *slides 50 euros into your pocket* ..and we're so poor... lol”

iloveboiro - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“OMG ur so sexy and u can sing girl...i think i love you”

c0urtneyl1990 - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“...that's what you call PASSION! your rendition is one of the best i've ever heard. you are beautiful as well... no one will ever say that you are not after hearing your golden voice. hope to hear more from u. im rain from the philippines”

salbahengbata007 - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“Don't forget to send me a ticket when you get BIG in the music business...GOD BLESSED YOU WITH A TALENT!!!So just keep the FAITH.”

Trapped27 - Comment: Jezebel

“Excellent, can you see me standing and clapping, "En Core, En Core!!!!" Hopefully You can do " Is it a crime"”

jggala220 - Comment: Jezebel

“You have a beautiful voice. I am a huge fan of powerful voices with great control & range such as Whitney Houston. You definitely have the potential with the right vocal coach to be just as good. You sang with so much emotion & feeling.I'm the biggest fan of Whitney Houston. Once Clive Davis said in a interview that when he first heard Whitney Houston sang, he instantly got goosebumps & that's how he knew she was the one. I felt the same way when I heard you perform this song.”

Blackroyalty Bellamy - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“Very nice! You have a very unique and beautiful voice!”

Kate57185 - Comment: Jezebel

“Wow, you're GREAT!!!! you should definitely try to make a career in music.. i would totally buy your cd”

miounette - Comment: Jezebel

“Now i would say a Star is born, but the truth is is that a Star has "BEEN" born. SMH Ceddy”

ceddyvette - Comment: Jezebel

“You sound almost exactly like her. It's amazing.”

ImpatraZ - Comment: Jezebel

“ur face evokes the emotion of ur songs so well that u cant help but feel every word and ur voice is lovely”

Hanah Storm - Comment: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

“When you play the piano it brings out the real you...all of you. I feel you, because its from the soul, and i love piano.”

Ronald Dennis - Comment: Jezebel

“Wow...u sound like her...you play piano so good and your voice... is very jazzy and amazing...awesome job!!”

Joshua Yeryk - Comment: Jezebel

“Once again you have made me feel blessed to hear your voice....YOU HAVE SUCH A GREAT VOICE,,,please keep doing what u do...”

Raymond s - Comment: Jezebel

“Loved it! You made me feel the pain of Jezebel's story with your rendition! Great job!”

H.A.V.I.C. SQUARED - Comment: Jezebel

“This is so beautiful...wow a girl that can sing like sade :} i swear where r people like u around my way? if u lived by me i'd play 2u singin 4ever lol”

rashad brown - Comment: Jezebel

“Beautiful. Your talent is what we need in black music today.”

pallar25 - Comment: Jezebel

“I had to get an account just to tell you how much I enjoyed that rendition - I, too, think Sade would be proud of it!!! (I'm a big Sade fan also). I've also enjoyed previous posts of yours, especially "How Could An Angel Break My Heart". Best wishes to you in your musical endeavors.”

mommieyaya - Comment: Jezebel

“Oh dayum...the window light, the piano, ur voice! Almost made me cry...go head girl...that was very touching!”

Sahbisun - Comment: Jezebel

“So feminine, so intense, so sweet, like the air...You are like the air...”

Pablo Romero - Comment: Jezebel

“OmG your voice has a very Unique capturing sound...love ur version of this song...one of my fav songs from Sade'.”

07cw23569 - Comment: Jezebel

“Very well captured!!! You really get the mood correct and the chords on piano sound so beautiful...trust me...I wouldn't approve of most people covering Sade...but you get full approval. LOL.”

Merrick Woodard - Comment: Jezebel

“I'm in tears, and I'm a guy! You are so talented, and I can't believe you took a SADE song and made it your own!”

Amaroq4 - Comment: Jezebel

“That was really beautiful. I enjoyed it. Your voice has a thick and smooth quality to it that makes it unique. :)”

k hilliard - Comment: Jezebel

“One of my favorite songs by SADE. You did a fabulous job. She is truly hard to sing and make it sound as beautiful as you have done. Excellent job. Your voice is amazing!”

OnlyOneDivaTia - Comment: Jezebel

“Your voice is great. I love the speed..great JOB. It's as good as the real version. She should do one this slow...it brings sadness to the song.”

smallvilleidol - Comment: Jezebel

“Can you redo this song with the rest of the lyrics? I already have this on my ipod, but it would be great with the full song. I would appreciate that. :) THANKS”

Larae718 - Comment: Jezebel

“YES! I love when ur on the piano. Your deep massaging style creates vivid images w/ the keys. I'm also feelin' the mood ring color efx ;)”

Nonovio Bes - Comment: Jezebel

“Simply, amazing! I've come back many times just to hear this song. Sade is one of my favorites and you did this song justice. You kept the integrity of the song yet made it your own...which is hard to do. You're an amazing artist with a very special gift. You inspire me. Thank you for sharing and hope you record an album, go out on the road and let the world be blessed by your magnificent talent.”

TheSuperZufan - Comment: Jezebel

“Omg, Im a huge sade fan and I can't believe what I heard coming out of your mouth! that was literally breath taking!Ive never been so taken back by some ones's voice. God bless you, cas you are one talented chick!”

Baybiephat - Comment: Jezebel

“Wow. A stunning combination of Nina Simone & Sade. I am completely outdone.”

BaldAmbition - Comment: Jezebel

“i just wanted to say i've watched ur video, well this one more than 20 times for sure, like u sing as if it hurts. u make my stomach drop hearing u, u just feel u kno? like at the end i looooved ur cry, that sound made me smile and jus ugh idk, like u need to call me every night for a week and sing me to sleep. ill put it like this the way u can make ur voice cry i can do the same with the saxophone so maybe we can entice each other yea? lol”

SirBeastMcElroy - Comment: Jezebel

“I got lost in your story....how truly blessed you are. The emotion you evoke is just beyond this world... Thank u for that...”

SargeEmpath - Comment: Jezebel

“Wow, I am like the BIGGEST Sade fan, and your voice is incredible. I normally hate to hear others sing her music...but that was absolutely incredible. I felt it...deeply”

momentsinlove - Comment: Jezebel

“I am a major Sade fan as well and, now there's two women that can make me cry, Sade herself, and You!!”

Haqeem111 - Comment: Jezebel

“Missed you. So glad to hear new songs from you! Only a few artists can make me feel like I left my body and headed for a better place. Sade, Anita Baker, and you! Ya still looking beautiful as ever too, hope your doing well and pleeeeeaaasseee, don't stop recording!!”

jggala220 - Comment: Sunny's Lament

“By the way...only very few people on the planet can do what MJ could and did singing. I actually think you are one of them.”

Martin - Comment: Human Nature

“I'm sure Sunny remembers me...I'm the one who said if God had a voice, he would have hers. I mean a voice of gods is not describable and that's how it is with this woman. I'm listening to her and....I get sucked into this trance of love and happiness. Yeah, I might sound corny but I'm telling you it's something about this girl's voice that...that's moving in my spirit. I'm lost for words....I really am.”

DOMINIW5 - Comment: Cause We've Ended As Lovers

“Been a HUGE fan of yours for about 3 years now and this is AMAZING!!! I love your voice!!! This is so seductive.”

BeauFosho05 - Comment: Sayonara Love

“Your voice has this unique quality that is hard to describe, but it's amazing in every way. I've been listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan all day, and hearing your voice fits into nicely that mix. I love it and I really REALLY hope you continue to let us hear it. Enjoy your Christmas and THANK YOU for sharing your gift with all of us.”

nnmaddox - Comment: Love Saw It

“Your voice is amazing and a special gift! I am so shocked that your talent has not been discovered yet. Wow...just wow ur voice is just great!! Follow your dreams honey the sky is the limit.”

Lana Turner - Comment: Love Saw It

“Wow! I really thought I was going to be able to play this song while reading through some email. After about 7 seconds into listening, I just stopped everything. Again, I am impressed by the emphatic emotion she is able to persuade (hopefully not from experience). Having the ability to move and touch others through her art is a true talent or gift...and I am glad and enjoy that she is willing to share.”

Andre Perkins - Comment: Sayonara Love

“Mood...magic...melancholy, all melded into one. The metamorphosis is nearly complete, from whatever you have been...to whatever you want to be. No longer bound by the gravity of earth, and the gravitas of man...the heavens await your return--as we await your transformation. :)”

Nashoba Lusa - Comment: Sunny's Lament

“This song in particular, from the moment I heard it, touched my heart and sung to everything musical inside of me. I felt the longing and the want for peace caused by some crisis or chaos. I ended up listening to this four or five times consecutively because of its beauty and powerful persuasion...that at the end of it all, there is a hope for this new year. Happy New Year!...and all the best. peAce”

Andre Perkins - Comment: Run To Me