The Sundogs / Press

“With a three guitar attack the six man band showed why they are one of Atlanta’s favorite live acts. Their sound ranges from Tom Petty style laid back rock to the bluesy swagger of the Allman Brothers and the vocal harmonies of The Band and these guys shift gears effortlessly in and out of all three. ”

"The Black Crowes in their souls and the Mississippi blues in their hearts loom much larger than the gentler specter of country. That's just fine, because the Sundogs are a whole lotta fun when they crank the amps up to 11."

"The Sundogs have successfully maneuvered their former, easy- going alt-country sound into a blistering, sun-drenched terrain of muscular, meat and potatoes rock."

"Like a chicken-fried side of Stonesy country-rawk, the Sundogs dip their high-voltage twang in a batter of Southern rock. While the alt-country roster is now full of DBT-wannabes, this Atlanta quartet is actually worthy of such comparisons."