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“Loud. Ugly Circus, a five-band collective of Denver musical groups “It’s the first time we’ve had live music,” she said. “I’m hoping things will go well because then maybe we’ll start booking more groups.” The Ugly Circus tour. . “We have a pretty good fan base growing there,” “Denver thrash/grind/death metal.” We never play covers, so don’t ask,” Doll said. “We want to be as free of normality as we can be Part of the group’s success has been in joining forces with other bands. Joining them as part of The Ugly Circus, which Doll described as “a group of artists ready to spit out the truth in a sideshow manner Also performing is South Bronx Paradise. They’re our brother band,” Johnson said. “They’ve got an immense, intense energy, and it’s good for us to play together.” arranging for these bands to play in Craig was intentional,We want to come in and give the kids there something to do,” he said.”

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“these fuckin guys rip!!!”

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