Sundaes On Monday / Press

“Seattle has been ready for this band since it started with grunge. Think of mashing 30 seconds to Mars, Blink 182, and young teen angst into one band and sprinkling with the boy band look and you get Sundaes on Monday. This power trio came right out of the heart of Issaquah in 2010 and continues today making music with each other. The band consists of the vocals/bassist Dylan Cook, Guitarist/vocals Dimitri Pinto, and drummer/backing vocals Joey Pinto. During the interview with Dimitri and Dylan (Joey unable to attend) they showed how sweet they really are and gave the name Sundaes on Monday life. In the interview I had with Sundaes Dimitri added that “-he's one of the most talented drummers I've been able to play with. His contribution to the band is a great deal and it's not easy to find a good drummer” talking about his twin brother Joey showing the love between the band. The guys shared how they are working on something new in the next album. This means Seattle better lookout!”

Claire Burg - EMP Soundboard

“Punchy guitar-driven pop songs, a big sound for a trio. We need more brother bands!”

Songwriter, Member of 80's pop group The Motels - Marty Jourard

“tight, punchy powerpop drenched in melodies and overflowing with catchy charm and singalong hooks..."lost not found" is a scorching track, led by a solid, rockin drum lead, while even on a ballad like "disappearance act", you still get to crank the guitars up and showcase your wicked good vocal work and tight harmonies. Great sound for three guys...Shiny as Gold!!”