Sundae Drives / Press

“Sundae Drives is an acoustic Pop act with an all original sound ranging from smooth R&B to raw Hip-Hop, sometimes all in one chorus or verse. The songwriting will leave a lasting impression but what might be even more impressive is the relationship Adam Lee has with his fans.”

The Madison Theater - THE FINALS - The Madison Theater Band Challenge

“I took one listen to "Very Bad People" and became an instant fan. All of your music is wonderful and your instrumentation is amazing.”

New SD Fan

“Hard hitting acoustic duo diddys. Raw, rap-like original 'Cali' style joints. The enthusiasm is the hook to this band’s uber-energetic live performances. An easy band to get a serious groove on to. All the while you’re developing an earnest desire, feeling the need to dig deeper and hear more & more, like an addict. This is the kind of music I imagine bands like RHCP are playing when they’re off of tour and at home with friends just jammin’ for their own delight. Goes great with cool kush and a cold Guinness. A fresh perspective on what acoustic can be. The kind of fresh dope that goes against the grain of the modern rock scene in Cincy. This is what I really want to hear coming out of the cold and into a warm club on a Saturday night, a true treat. Cincy needs more bands like this to say the least. There’s a solid soul in the diddys these guys dish out. In the end it’s what you needed. Good times abound and all around wherever they play.”

"You are very special performers with alot of dedicated & loyal fans. Thank-You for one of the best nights in the history of the Mad Frog"

Aydin Kol, Venue Owner

"Cincinnati's Best Kept Secret"

Jordan - Kiss 107.fm

"This kid blew me away at the Cincinnati X-Factor auditions"

Kevin Goryl - Fox 19