The Summarily Dismissed / Press

"The vibes of Steely Dan, Laura Nyro and latter day Joni Mitchell resonate through each track on this most vibrant of jazz/pop sets. NYC-based keyboardist/songwriter Ari Shagal matches smart chord changes with intelligent, perceptive lyric sets that never push cleverness for its own sake."

"Some wag wrote in this disc's promo lit that The Summarily Dismissed's swingin' brainiac, Ari Shagal, is the daughter of Todd Rundgren and Laura Nyro, with Don Fagen her uncle, and Stevie Wonder the godfather. Heh! Right on the money! But toss Carlos Santana in as the delivery doctor, and you've got it fully encompassed. Ms. Shagal not only knows how to craft a tune that'll charm the charts but also has a way with words and wit . . . when you're feeling uptown but still want the lowdown, To Each! is the place to go, and with a bonus: you can dance your rear end off while doing so."

" . . . the Summarily Dismissed is much more of an amalgam of jazz, pop, and soul with ingenious word play. Some artists attempting this type of hybrid would crash and burn before the second track. The odd thing here is that while I would personally refer to this as alternative jazz - it simply gets better with each spin . . . One of the most impressive releases for 2013, well thought out and finely crafted."

" . . . full of swagger and confidence -- the same feelings I get from a Steely Dan album. Shagal's music is chic, cool, and invigorating, even when it's the blues. It goes down easy while leaving a lasting impression.

"Building sharp, sometimes witty prose on top of harmonies that sound alluring on first listen but are still sinking under your skin on the fifth one, she [Ari Shagal] hits on all the right touch points of the golden age of jazzy soul-pop roughly spanning the late 60s to the late 70s."