Sugar Rock / Press

“Great production on this song. This Aussie Duo demonstrates not only the obvious chemistry between the two of them but also an ability to present a song that is pleasing to the ear and memorable to the listener's ears. At times, I wished for a more equal vocal presentation from the two of them, but after listening further realized that the blend was actually planned and perfect. Great job Sugar Rock!”

Reviewed By: Koala Chaos - Review Title: Good Chemistry Song Reviewed: Hot & Cold

“This song has a lot going for it! First of all the vocals. An excellent performance there and some really pretty harmonies as well. The production is awesome and the song itself is extremely marketable. The musicianship involved is also very good. Great meaningful lyrics don't hurt either. Cool and catchy from the beginning to the end! An Excellent Song!”

Reviewed By: Steve Bryant - Review Title: Excellent Song Song Reviewed: Angel Don't Cry

“This song really rocks. The vocalist and guitarist is jamming. Not much on describing the musical terminology, but as for this song, It has a beat that makes me feel like rocking and dancing. The guitar play plays well and the voice really compliments the song. Overall, the song was well produced at best.”

Reviewed By: EuShique - Review Title: This Rocks Song Reviewed: Fly Like A Dove

“This song is one of my favorites on L.A. I live near the Canadian border and listen to some stations up there for their refreshing choice of music. I could easily see Fly Like a Dove getting air play up there! In fact the Sugar Rock library would be very popular there IMHO! Keep up the great workk. Your huge fan in Pacific Northwest.”

Reviewed By: John Kosch - Review Title: Radio Ready Song Reviewed: Fly Like A Dove

“What an amazing song! Marty has such a captivating voice, and the middle part where Karen comes in and harmonises with spot on pitched notes is just entrancing. A lot of emotion in the song, a nice little guitar solo in there too! (you know I like them!) The structure of the song is so well thought out and you have an amazing style. The lyrics are emotional but so easy to follow! and a wonderful finish! This song is top drawer! An amazing listen! Well done! :)”

Reviewed By: DHW - Review Title: Unbelievable vocals! Song Reviewed: Angel Don't Cry

“This track was very well-done. My favorite part is the funky rhythm guitar part. Makes me want to hop. I could imagine this song playing on burnout or a similar racing game. It's lively and has a very catchy chorus. Vocals tracks are very interwoven very nicely. It took me a while to isolate them, which is MY goal when I overdub vocals. Even when it's just the single vocalist, the words are easily understandable and the verses are short and sweet. It would be very radio friendly due to it's 02:48 length and the production is done nicely. I don't see anything that would keep it from being a hit if it had the proper exposure! Great tune!”

Reviewed By: [EviL7ove] - Review Title: Looking to the future... Song Reviewed: Love Me 2023

“Sugar Rock gets better and better and better (whew, and did I mention BETTER) every time they introduce a new song!!!! This one is outstanding - lyrically, musicically (Marty is brilliant on the guitar, Karen is rockin that synth and her vocal complements Marty's perfectly) - just all around a wonderful listen, very catchy, WHAT CAN I SAY, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!”

Reviewed By: Jacki Wheeler - Review Title: Toe tapping fun!!! Song Reviewed: Love Me 2023

“All I want is.... more of this. Unconditional Love is very nice. I love the light up tempo sound. Nice little guitar riffs, fun keyboard and love the vocals. At first I was like... this guy sounds like he has a little Bowie in him. Very well done, nice quality and a fun song to listen to. Keep up the good work.”

Reviewed By: K.Tasty - Review Title: Love, Song Reviewed: Unconditional Love

“From the very beginning, I noticed Sugar-Rock's passionate, almost frenzied rhythm guitar. It works very well in the mix and to imparts an almost manic, wanting feel to it. Me, I'm a fool for male and female octave vocal harmonies and this track carries that formula out to great effect. You two (?) really poured your hearts into the whole track and it really shows!!!”

Reviewed By: [EviL7ove] - Review Title: A Romantic's Anthem Song Reviewed: Unconditional Love

“'Love you' great guitar! catchy pace and melody. cool lyrical ride! very cool Drums”

7beatstreet/Dan Albury - Comment

“Whether there are dragons to slay or battles to be won, the love of the hero for the woman of his dreams can be carried by this song. It is clear that the harmonies created here are more than just words for these artists. The strength of the melody and the beautiful background vocals complement guitar work with just a touch of distortion perfectly. The keyboard (keytar?) work flows through the song enhances the pure soul of this song. Fantastic work.”

Reviewed By: BGN - Review Title: Song for the hero Song Reviewed: In My Heart

“This one starts with a very cool keyboard intro that flows smoothly into the heart of the song. I like the vocal arrangement, actually reminds me of King Diamond in that the heavier male vocals contrast sweetly with the higher female voice. The refrain is eerie and dream like in sound, which reminds me of 1980's new wave. Over all my favorite track”

Reviewed By: Thesis Oblivion - Review Title: Trippy Song Reviewed: Shine The Light

“Really Awesome Album!!!!! Sounds Great!!!!!! Congrats to both of you on some Fantastic Work!!!!!!”

“Wow those high notes in the chorus are epic! Wonderful beat, rhythmic guitar and hammond organ drives the song along very well. Really great vocal exchanges between Karen and Marty. Lyrics are memorable and love the structure of the song, how the song builds up from verse to chorus is extremely well done! Enjoyed this listen!”

“Happy pop rock vibe. Quite cool shades of 50s rock and roll feel.”

“Every once in a while an artist comes along that totally grabs my heart and hooks me in....I would say this was true of Sugar Rock...this track totally shines with life, passion and earnestness. The guitars are superb and the synth run is perfect. The lyrics are wonderful. Karen and Marty are a team to be reckoned with. Nice job!!”

“Real music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Your sound... Your music is as real as it gets!”

“Wow...this is Sugar Rock like I've never heard them before! Marty has got the Roy Orbison thing going on, which is really cool...I wasn't actually born in the 50's, but I can picture that song being played at a drive in theater, or one of those malt shops...again, evidence of how much Karen and Marty love each other, which is a Lot!!!!! Well Done!!!!!!”

“i love ur new sound it has a wonderful feeling,,bravo and flowers to karen,,just a super job,,great art, a diff 10”

“great melodic tunes”

“this is one of those songs I would put in my car and take a drive to! The guitar is great, the keyboard compliments it well (good job Karen!!) and the lyrics speak of love. Like I said in an earlier review, this music is evidence of how much Karen and Marty love each other!! This whole album, and particularly this song, were worth waiting for!!!!!”

“Very happy to say we received two awards as Suggested Artist in the Song of the Year Contest!”

Sugar Rock - Song Of The Year

“Wow! ...well what can I say! this is a Sugar Rock masterpiece, should be a number one hit in the Aussie charts for sure! It has all the qualities of a pop song. Even after listening I'm still singing it in my head, that chorus is just so catchy! Very, very clever! Love the instruments too! That xylophone was well composed by Max what a talent! ;) and who played that digeridoo? It sounded awesome! ...and as usual excellent vocals, lyrics and harmonies. Representing Ozzy Land! Love you guys! :)”

Reviewed By: DHW - Review Title: An Aussie Hit! :) Song Reviewed: Ride On Through Australia

“What a wonderful acoustic guitar!! Can listen to the "xylophone" and didgeridoo....too!! :) The Sugar Rock style is still there and I like it so much, a good song for sure. The two voices are singing great, happy Lyrics,I think you had so much fun composing this track and it can really be listened into it....Australia is a wonderful Land and you made a gift to this Land! Congrats to you and your "collab" Son....!! ;)”

Reviewed By: spinaceto - Review Title: Good!! Song Reviewed: Ride On Through Australia

“I love this melody right from the start. Karen's voice is sweet and sultry in this one. The vocal is so crisp and clean it has a touch of School girl innocence to it in my opinion. I also like the phase Shifter guitar effect behind the vocal..A nice touch! Once again the musicianship is top notch! That singing melody is so very catchy. Loved the lyric and the well placed Harmonies! I think a lot of people can relate to this one...Another Beautiful Song!”

Reviewed By: Steve Bryant - Review Title: Another Beautiful Song Song Reviewed: My Fantasy

“I love the intro to this one...That slow build into some serious high notes by Marty! He also uses a little grit in this vocal and the contrast is quite brilliant and fits perfectly! His vocal is extremely powerful and passionate. Karen's back ups totally enhance the song! This tune is extremely marketable and the musicianship involved is top shelf all the way! The production is radio ready and excellent...All things combined into one helluva Beautiful Song! Take a bow guys because I can safely say this is hit material!”

Reviewed By: Steve Bryant - Review Title: Beautiful Song Song Reviewed: You Are My Yesterday