Sugar Glyder / Press

"an unsigned, unsung gem in Charlotte’s indie rock scene—has an offbeat, alternative sound that doesn’t skimp on electric guitar handiwork"

“They are one of the primary creative forces of Charlotte’s music scene. Each member plays an important role with the overall sound, and the band is constantly developing.”

"our city hasn't witnessed the rapid rise to musical maturity quite like that of Sugar Glyder"

"I foresee the end result as inevitable: Chris Rigo, Daniel Howie, Bobby Matthews, and Emily Aoyagi are going to fill arenas. It’s simply a matter of time."

"The deeply positive reception of "Lovers at Lightspeed" and the distinctive manner that the band is releasing it is sure to put Sugar Glyder on the top of the list of Charlotte bands that are sure to go far in the music industry."

"Sugar Glyder continues down the path it started with solid instrumentation, strong vocals and balanced songwriting."

"Sugar Glyder have breathed new life into the grandiose, hopelessly optimistic indie-pop sounds of the last decade simply by scrapping the formula."

"From frugal spending to the cohesive themes that surround its records, Sugar Glyder plays on serious smarts and strengths."

“North Carolina’s indie band Sugar Glyder is one well-oiled music machine. With the combined talents of Daniel Howie, Chris Rigo, Bobby Mathews and Emily Aoyagi, the musical capabilities of this group are unmatched.”

Kelly McDonald - Substream Magazine

“Charlotte quartet Sugar Glyder continues to write hard pop and moody rock numbers that are just the right kind of smooth around the edges. Their songs are catchy, hummable and fully developed with rock layers and plenty of "radio stars in the making" overtones.”

Samir Shukla - Creative Loafing

“Sugar Glyder seem poised to become one of the next big things in music.”

Sam Webster - Creative Loafing

“There exists a class of bands who simultaneously dispel this malaise and revitalize the art of the live show—consider Sugar Glyder at the top of this class.”

“They stole the show that night—I went in for Grammy-nominated, Silversun Pickups, but I'll be coming back for Sugar Glyder.”

“It's energetic and a band worth checking out when they're in town.”

Jeff Hahne - Creative Loafing

“Their non-stop touring schedule over the last year and a half and playing with bands such as Silversun Pickups, Manchester Orchestra, and Dear and the Headlights has probably had a positive effect on their writing ability and they seem poised to make the jump from an independent band into the major label spotlight.”

“If you don't know of them by the end of 2009 you must be living under a rock or some form of underground living”

"My impression of Sugar Glyder left me thinking that these guys were crazy! A distinctive experimental, indie, post-progressive sound that reminded me of an odd combination of Muse, Acid Mothers Temple, dredg, and Blues Traveler. Extraordinary!"

"Sugar Glyder, on the other hand, has all the tools for the genre and then some. They bring talent and dedication to their music. It's only a matter of time before this band will be picked up by a label."

"Charlotte-based rockers Sugar Glyder have been honing their writing and playing chops in the area for the past few years. It shows." -Divakar Shukla (106.5 WEND Radio)

Divakar Shukla - WEND 106.5 the END

"However, the sound these guys and girl make is not ordinary – it’s rather extraordinary." -[The University Times (UNC Charlotte)]

““We Cracked the Sky is essentially eleven tracks of pure bliss for your listening pleasure. They passionately play their own innovative and very honest music which you cannot help but feel apart of. Rating: 9.0/10” -(www.themusicappraisal.net) ”