Sugarcane Jane / Press

“Sugarcane Jane is truly a house favorite here at LuLu’s. Anthony and Savanna’s musicianship and ability to captivate a crowd is second to none. The grass roots feel of the band yet their cutting edge take on song makes them appeal to audiences of all ages.”

Mike Butler manager of LuLu's Gulf Shores

“Armed with numerous instruments, their audiences experience an exceptional presentation of organic sounds highlighted by homespun harmonies and quality musicianship.”

““Yes, it’s true,” Crawford said with a laugh. “I went from Hyde Park with Neil and Paul McCartney to playing for 300 people eating shrimp at LuLu’s.””

“The first thing you notice about Sugarcane Jane is probably the amazing harmonies. Or maybe it’s the energy, or the originality. Or the sheer talent. Or maybe, all of the above.”

“Anthony is always changing things around and experimenting with new equipment and techniques which makes almost every show have something new and different to offer. The audience seems to responds to every single tune. Many guests who come to LuLu’s intending to grab a quick bite to eat end up sitting and listening for hours on end.”

Mike Butler manager of LuLu’s Gulf Shores

“These two reveal their musical passion and soul through their powerful harmonies. Together, they conjure up spirits from the early days of country music and make them slaves to their musical whims.”

“Sugarcane Jane has more than 400 originals to choose from as well, which sound as if they've been singing them forever and you could easily hear any of them being played on the radio.”

“If you see one live gig this weekend, then it's got to be Sugarcane Jane, the duo that is taking Pleasure Island by storm!”

“If you are attending the Randy Travis concert at the Mobile Saenger this evening, take note of the opening act, Sugarcane Jane. This is not the night to stand out in the lobby chatting, waiting for the headliner to start.”