SubW00Fa / Press

“SubW00Fa is a new Hip Hop group hitting music sites like Soundcloud by storm. Ivan Welker (20) and Daniel Martins (19) met at the Campus Of Performing Arts (COPA) and the two began working together on several house tracks. Because of Ivan’s strong Hip Hop influence the two musicians decided to form SubW00Fa. ‘’We were looking for a name for our group, when Ivan looked at the speaker and just said: ‘SubW00Fa’, and that is how we got our name,’’ Daniel laughs.’’ "Because we produce our own tracks under our own label, we are given all the freedom in the world to do so.’’ SubW00Fa aims to keep their listeners buzzing with catchy melodies. ‘’We are releasing singles at the moment, while we are working on our album called ‘Speak Up’,’’ Ivan says. SubW00Fa is looking for extras to feature in their music video. If you’re interested, upload a picture of you and share it on the tame TIMES and SubW00Fa wall.”