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“I am not a typical hardcore punk fan but I’ve really been enjoying this album. ‘Headless Over Heels’ is where riffs and rhythm are at their best, which the band also combine with, melody and aggressiveness, to bring a powerfully sophisticated, but still uniquely raw sound to the table. Suburban Vermin is not to be confused with the pseudo pop punk, brought forward sometime back by the likes of Blink182, Simple Plan or Boxcar Racer etc. Instead, they take their cues from originals such as The Ramones, The Misfits and The Clash, which means pure adrenaline, no-filler-all-killer tunes! This is the only Suburban Vermin music I have heard, so I don’t know how good their other stuff is, but this one is something everyone should experience. I know punk music isn’t for everyone, but everyone can enjoy punk music (if that makes sense). What I mean is, if you listen to the album and let it grow on you, you will appreciate what Suburban Vermin have achieved here.”

“After listening to Seattle-based Suburban Vermin, I can say punk is back. Not 3-chord power pop. I'm talking full sneer, padlock n' chain necklace, lace up your boots, you haven't had fun unless you left the show with a few bruises-style punk. Do you hear that? We NEED more of this! In closing, you NEED to pick up Headless Over Heels when it comes out. Fantastic bands don't make this stuff for free, and if you want them to continue making stuff (like I do) you should buy their music. If you can't do that, then at least spread the word to your friends so that they can pitch some money their way. Label scouts? If you're reading this (and I know a few of you do), get Suburban Vermin a contract! I want to hear what they can make if they have the time and funds to focus solely on the music!”

“Opening with the album’s title track, Suburban Vermin’s sound is as close to back to basics punk as you could wish for, leaning towards early Blink-182, Green Day, and the Offspring. Keeping close to that classic punk aesthetic, the tracks are short and snappy, matching the sense of urgency that is found in the band’s sound. There really is very little pretension, which is something so sorely needed within the genre. So often we are offered sound-alikes or blatant wannabes, but the sound of Suburban Vermin is eerily close to that which Kurt Cobain was trying to do before he was so totally destroyed by the industry and expectations placed upon him. ...Suburban Vermin have a lot to offer in terms of writing and song construction.”

“ Suburban Vermin is a Punk band coming out of Seattle,WA. With a really authentic punk rock sound. When I first started to listen to these guys, I thought I had taken a trip back in time, when Punk Rock was in it’s prime with The Ramones or The Clash. I was actually blown away by their music. Suburban Vermin basically has everything you could ask for from a band; great vocals, awesome instrumental skills, sick ass lyrics and a truly kick ass sound. With the ability to make music comparable to Artists such as the Ramones, is quite a feat. Overall this band is really awesome and I for one have become a long time fan.”

“For the E.P. Danger & Destiny "Six songs of no-frills punk rock with dueling male/female vocals that don't fall squarely into either Ramones-core or old-school skate-punk territory, but somewhere in between. Bonus points for singer/guitarist Amanda Gamino's voice sounding a lot like that of Kim Shattuck of the Muffs"”

"Remember when punk was just good, clean fun made by young people with excess energy and a penchant for playing fast and loud? Don't let the song title "Go West" fool you--this is punk with a hardcore bent most influenced by the great East Coast/D.C. scene of the mid-1980's. So there is lots of yelli...ng, lyrics about homemade hand grenades, and lots of adrenaline. You should check this out."

T-Rex Records Blog

"Come here, you gotta' hear this band..." When I hear that, I know it's gonna' be good. Surburban Vermin exceeded my expectations delivering tasty fast guitar and vocal-driven punk rock. Since them I've had the pleasure to play on the same bill with them a couple of times. I...n my opinion, this band is one of the best punk bands coming out of Seattle ...in decades!


"Everything about Suburban Vermin reminds me of the half dozen shitty punk bands I tried to start when I was in 10th grade—there's the short, catchy pop-punk songs, the band name (I grew up in Kent!), and especially the childishly pervy lyrics to "I Jerk Off (When I Think of You)": "You don't know what you do to me when you're not around, your lips feel so good on my cock." But unlike my god-awful attempts, Suburban Vermin don't suck."

The Stranger

“Everyone left standing at that point was pummeled by a blistering set from Suburban Vermin. Damn, Sam.”


“The entertainment was spot on as well... Heaping helpings of fantastic music from Geist & Samuel Joseph, the Wrecked Chords, T.V. Coahran and the hugely popular Suburban Vermin”


“Suburban Vermin? That’s great shit. You couldn’t even make that up!”