Subset / Press

“They pump out the guitar-heavy pop songs with cool factor intact.”

“Reminiscent of Mudhoney, Nirvana and the beloved messy Subpop rock that has stood the test of time. Add to that their dramatic live performance and they are bound to break the American rock circuit soon!”

“Subset certainly cannot be considered pretentious. They play and party as exactly who they are and thank God for that as the music scene is a better place for it.”

“Sophisticated post-punk textures and strategies make this band a very interesting listen: usually angular and highly kinetic. Superbly inventive, totally engaging music.”

“Desire uses a range of vocal styles nicely to construct a confused but rather enjoyable track, my personal favourite, Wyoming, has got some sweet fuzz rock riffs, and Give or Take rounds things off with a satisfying slice of punk.”

“...very diverse and not expected. SUBSET have their own unique sound and I like the fact that I can't pigeon-hole them.”

“Definitely worth catching live”

“Subset are a back to basics type of band, they play loud, hard and quite frankly, pretty damn well. They don’t let you down with their live show either.”

“They have the image, they have the songs and they have the sound. Subset are the real deal.”

“the guitars are mangled which either fuzz or squeak. The whole thing hangs together quite nicely around the loungey musings of vocalist Romain until he completely rocks out and sounds like a manic Cobain”

“a love of slightly arch post punk with Casablancas and co... you get the sense that though they could probably piss out two minute pop songs.. Instead remains resolutely lo fi ”

“Subset produce a no holds barred, cut back to its bones, no nonsense, indie rock - This must be the type of Ambrosia that the Greek gods were feasting on.”

“Just what we need this Summer - Early Strokes meet Joy Division, the quartet make it all sound so easy”

“The intricately brooding blood rush of an early career, good, beneath the radar era, Playwrights and re-moulded by the Cesarians. Indeed - that good”

“pure form is exposed amongst their explosive guitar lines and jarring vocals, a stream of consciousness that you would be foolish not to sample”

“Melodic brittleness much reminiscent of the see sawing skiffle skewed scousadelica of a seriously hyped and wired Coral”

“Ambrosia [is] a fierce Casablanca-esque storming lead single which builds in intensity throughout”

“Keep your eyes peeled on these guys as they're not likely to disappoint”

“A totally ballistic set”

“Amazing live show with energy that will tear you apart - these guys will rip it up. ”