Subpar Co-Star / Press

“I just think it is better to focus not on whether something would be popular, but more on if it is creatively fulfilling as the creator. I think if you are working on projects that you find artistically/philosophically/creatively stimulating, you are more inclined to let your own personality shine, and I, personally, love the art that has the most personality.”

““Ambitious and cool-looking, “The Idiot” package is the pinnacle of a trend trying to give music value. And Subpar’s music — a blend of freak folk, power pop and experimental rock – should be valued. “”

“Subpar Co-Star (a.k.a. James Force) was compelling with his whimsical irrelevant style and acoustic guitar looping (quite impressive). I would call his thing ‘experimental folk,’... He has an album available, Gidgets and Gadgets, an aptly-named venture, what with its neo-folk, jazz-funk, spoken word, experimental, electronic and ambient influences (and sometimes all on the same song). DIY recorded, produced and “distributed” as a numbered limited edition, the packaging is as lo-fi as the recording, hand-lettered with custom stickers, each bearing a different method of acceptable payment for the release (mine says “pay w/ a unicorn, if ya got one”).”

“Doing the DIY live looping shows and handing out home recorded cd’s has definitely gotten me some odd looks in Boston. I think it’s because we’re spoiled musically. There are so many talented sound professionals, musicians, and studios in the city that we’ve gotten used to pro music performances. Subpar is going in the opposite direction and embracing the personal side of the songs and performances. I just think it adds a different twist on what a show should be.”

"You can bet your over-sized washboard attached to a tuba that this hardcore-DIY, low-fi amalgamation of sonic… sonicness wasn’t “subpar” at T.T.’s last night!”

““It’s nice to have something tangible … Even if you just hang it up, or put it on a shelf somewhere. It’s a neat memento; it’s an individual; it’s a one-of-a-kind. And you’re the only one who is gonna have it.””