Pop-Up Music, an established music library/publisher based in London, is looking to place up to 50 ReverbNation/BandLab artists into its Pop-Up Music catalog, providing potential sync opportunities for advertising, film, and TV networks around the world. Pop-Up Music is PRS-registered and provides music for film, TV, advertising, and gaming.

Deal Terms

  • Artist must own 100% of the rights to both the Master and the Composition
  • Songs must be original in music and lyrics. No covers, re-arrangements/interpolations, remixes, or samples are permitted
  • Sync Licensing Agreement will be entered into as to the selected song
  • Artist will grant Non-Exclusive rights as to submitted song if selected
  • Compensation: The writer keeps the writer’s share of any royalties and 50% of any upfront sync placement fee
  • Song MUST NOT be previously submitted to any other exclusive sync placement program
  • If selected, you must submit a hi-res WAV and MP3 file of the complete track and of the instrumental version of your track
  • All works are registered with PRS

By submitting you represent and warrant that you own or control all necessary rights in and to the content submitted.

About the Promoter

Pop-Up Music’s ethos is to provide and produce music that sounds true to the genreā€”putting lost gems and undiscovered music to picture. Examples of Pop-Up Music’s latest placements include Quentin Tarantino’s Once Open At Time In Hollywood, Netflix’s Insatiable, CBS’ Strange Angel, ITV’s Strangers, and indie films Vox Lux, The Prodigy, and Prospect.

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