Manic Kat Records, an independent punk crossover label, is looking to sign up to 10 ReverbNation artists in the genres of, pop-punk, hardcore, post-hardcore, emo, and metalcore.

About the Label

Manic Kat Records is a full-service entity that handles nearly every aspect of an artist’s release including, but not limited to:

  • Recording/mixing/post-production/mastering processes
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Global distro (both physical and digital) through Alliance Entertainment
  • Music video production
  • Tour booking
  • PR (including official Spotify playlisting)

Manic Kat Records works closely with its bands every step of the way to help make their music everything it can be and more. In an industry that models itself off of major record labels, which signs musicians based on “hits,” Manic Kat aims to create an environment for its artists to grow and develop into the best musical versions of themselves. Manic Kat’s bands and staff members work side-by-side in order to create a fun-loving, hard-working, and unified atmosphere, allowing the label to create high-quality recordings. Manic Kat’s artists know that the label is dedicated to delivering nothing but its best.

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