Shutter 16, a unique music magazine that focuses on underground acts, as well as national and international talent, will select 25 ReverbNation artists for coverage from one of the package items listed below.

Selected Artists’ Package Includes:

  • Homepage placements for ReverbNation artist album features
  • 10-15 artist spotlight features with either CD release preview, show/tour preview, interviews, or a band profile (individual piece)
  • 10-15 artist features within the “5 Artists Worth a Spot on Your Playlists” (shared)
  • Podcast of the editor’s top picks from this opportunity
  • Tour/show preview to include a #twitfromthepit “Artist Takeover” campaign where the artist takes over Shutter 16’s social media for a certain amount of time prior to tour or during early part of tour (preferred)
  • Album/EP/single release party push package. Shutter 16 would love to be able to release small snippets “16 seconds” of a single for preview. Additionally, if artists have singles they are releasing to press early, Shutter 16 would like to do some preview parties, showcased on the homepage of Shutter 16

Note: Each selected artist will receive one of the above features.

Artist Submission Guidelines

By submitting for coverage to Shutter 16’s campaign, artists agree to be subject to an unbiased, truthful review. Any opinion of the journalist is their opinion and stands true to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

About the Publication

Shutter16.com is the collaborative brainchild of some of the best music photojournalists and music enthusiasts, period. Since its inception, it has evolved from a local to a regional magazine, now spreading its wings to a full-fledged international magazine. With a broad spectrum of talents and specialties, there is no limit to the music the magazine will cover.

Since 2006, over 4 million artists have jumpstarted their careers with ReverbNation's powerful career management tools and exclusive industry access. ReverbNation's all-in-one platform helps artists all over the world connect with fans, venues, festivals, brands, blogs, and labels to advance their careers and grow their audience.