Blossom Agency, a groundbreaking Los Angeles boutique music promotions agency, is offering consultation sessions with up to 10 ReverbNation artists where they will discuss playlist strategy, PR, and brand partnerships.

More About Blossom Agency

Blossom Agency’s innovative Connect Influencer Program draws on its substantial network of wide-reaching influencers and tastemakers to match you with the exact built-in target audience that will be most receptive to your music, message, and style. Each influencer marketing campaign is loaded with intelligent data and is custom tailored to seamlessly blend your music with the social clout of their trusted creators.

Through Spotify Streaming Promotions, Blossom achieves real streams, monthly listeners, and ultimately a high-value return on investment. These promotions increase your chance to appear on Spotify’s algorithmic playlists such as Discover Weekly, Radio, Daily Mix, and Editorial.

Public Relations (PR) is at the heart of Blossom’s solid reputation in the business. With deep-rooted journalist contacts, rest assured the word about your music will be amplified through the right blogs, magazines, playlists, and radio programs. The importance of these key outlets may be constantly changing, but one thing that remains true is that blog posts build credibility and remain a fantastic way to drive SEO and web traffic your way.

Since 2006, over 4 million artists have jumpstarted their careers with ReverbNation's powerful career management tools and exclusive industry access. ReverbNation's all-in-one platform helps artists all over the world connect with fans, venues, festivals, brands, blogs, and labels to advance their careers and grow their audience.