International Silver String Submarine Band / Press

“Shades of an enigmatic ELO... awesome!”

Anubis and The Coyotes (ReverbNation Artist) - ReverbNation

“My Blue World..old-fashioned beautiful song, love it!”

Gate57 - ReverbNation

“Ultra hip!.."Heroes, Kudos & Euros"..dug the shite outta this tune!..coolness”

“Hey Xteve,Thank you,ROCK ON!,i really dig Avalon,great stuff,Im dancing in my room,Fantastic track Dude!”

“'Funeral rain'. great crisp tone , vocal is catchy , overlaping l/r thing is fab, cool catchy sound music is so well fit to the melody, rock on!,LYRICS AND MELODY ARE AMAZING!THANKS FOR THE D-LOAD”

"When Clay Bennett is on the screen ... there's essentially the hokiest jaw harp music imaginable...The other person in the movie who gets his own "I'm a dummy" music is [former Seattle mayor] Greg Nickels. His dopey soundtrack seemed well-earned."

"I luv your hilarious number 1 track, and very impressive originality overall...you've got style, baby!"

Aztrology Witch - ReverbNation

"I turned you up, I turned you way up! Awesome songs."

"A Schizoid mix of old TV themes, electropop, international vocals, a bit Beatles on LSD AFTER they climbed out of the rabbit hole! LOL! Very fresh. If you're over 40, you might want to sit down before you get up and boogie with these young bucks."