Sublimatus / Press

"It is difficult to describe really, it needs to be experienced."

" indescribable vocalization of Zena, which gives the music such beauty and erotic sensuality from this living representation of goddess Babalon."

" if Tricky and Bjork had a Kid this would be their love child."

"Deeply textured and vocally enchanting Trip-Hop and Downtempo excursions into varying levels of consciousness."

"Sublimatus is certainly fascinating enough to encourage a much deeper investigation of Hamilton's High Priestess of Harmony."

"This Hamilton, Ontario band has outlived many outfits in its 15 years of existence, including Nirvana."

"Zena's vocals seem to float over the crowd, pulling everybody in."

"Zena has also been busy setting many benchmarks for the musical community across Canada."

Mary Beth Quick - OK