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“Man, the Djvem remix on "In tyme" is so nice. The lyrics are 'true da beat' and your visuals are defly refreshing. Keep on doin'it Q!”

“great track "Q".., sweet mix, could hear everything! slammin' rythyms, gotta move on that one”

“This is awesome my brethren. Ras Cardo send much love. Keep up the great works. I have been very busy getting my works to you so hold tight soon it will be there . Respect,”

“I absorbed the feeling of "Cry No More" while bobbing and singing along with you, My Dear. Thanks to You and your 3rd Eye.”

“Man I got to give it to ya' dude it just gets better and better. keep blastin' it will do what it's suppose to do”


“Excellent song man! You really have a diversity of creative energies! Please keep it up man! Man, I am glad to see that you are still doing it!”


“Man, Romeo is hittn' it! Classic funk is always in Style on planet Q...”

“i really love the good music ,,, music like yours”

“that is hitting hard”

“Amusingly I just happened upon this while working on rebuilding an actual clock. The song syncs up nicely to the actual tik-tok of a clock :D Well done!”

“Hey S.B., I'm reaaly proud of you and what your're doing. Years ago you told us all this is where you would be and you're doing it!!”

“Yo Yo: Boy Meets Girl is very well done. It's rawness almost looks like there are special effects. The flow is great. Never stop experimenting, because what you vreate is history for those that don't.”

“Q... Man you are amazing!”

“Howdy Do !!! Dig The Tunes”

“Very nice instrumental, I can picture it being used in a commercial or in an airport for sure :) Or better yet on the radio :”

“hi,thanks for sharing your music.i like your style great voice.good luck with your music!!!!!”

“Solid!!! Whomever made the video has tripped their balls off too!!! LOL.”

“Love this song. Thanks Michelle for forwarding. I find the music and vocals so relaxing :)”

“Just coming to say hello and spread some happy vibes to your page. keep the great music coming”

“I am a super duper Blues fan and I love this piece too. Now can I get a Thanks sweetie for me. "Watch out Michelle." Just kidding!”

“You, my friend, remind me of Prince. Your tireless work ethic, the encompassing of genres that your music contains, and your multi-instrumentalist abilities.”

“Im really diggin your music.. takes me back to the 80's Looking forward in more.. thanks!”

“good cover.”

“Yo, Q: I meant to tell you that your Rainy Day Pillow Mushroom Clouds is sharp as a mutha... the song is wonderful... and the video goes beyond what the norm is, cause you sho ain't norm :0)”

“love all of your music”

“Thanks a lot! You are really great!”

“very cheerful song”

“i like this song. good to listen after a hard days work.”

“probably 200 of your views are from me, still can't get enough of this one. Loving the other videos to bro. Keeep it up”

“It's hard to believe that you haven't got sighned yet besides bieng an artist you are a versitile artist I didn't know you could spit rap lyrics like you do and then come back with a rock/ R & B funk”

“I'm digging the jazzy techno smoother high end of the sound. Lyrics are fun, real and catchy!”


“Very eclectic video I just love the effects...catchy song 5*”


“This one is fun to watch ;D”

“You've got some jams homie! I like this... This is some Prince sh!t right here! If I was younger I'd take a handful of magic mushrooms and just chill like a MuhF'er on your jams!!! Could I possibly give you a better compliment than this? LOL”

"real cool blues,soo sensational."

“great job on this one....you should really hone this sound...it suits you.”

“I love it, cause u know I love Blues.”

“Dude you're pushin' it. A Star in being born.”

“I loved the DVD . Just awesome.”

“This is the sh*t!!! When I close my eyes I hear Lenny Kravitz. Be Cool!”

“ooooooh really cool video, like the song too”

“Thanks for the invite! That jam "Passion Play" at the top of your channel should get radio play. I'm tellin' you homie... That jam was Duran Duran like a MF'er”

“Reminds me of Duran Duran!!! Good Tune!!!”

“Thank You, for the great music!”

“Great job Dude, and for the love of God a good guitar solo. I hear the crowd cheering, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Good Show. "lol"”

“God that's an ever so good album . The music is "perfect", the voice unbeleivable ... Though I am more orientated "rock", I recommend these songs, not only because they are very pro and sound sincere, and represent I guess a lot of work, but are just damn good!”

“good music,i like it.”

“Hey the Style ! saw u're message on Reverbnation love your rock sound ! cheers and peace”

“love u're rock sound. your style is like Rochfoard or Jean Beauvoir.”

“You're welcome! i really enjoy your music & your voice is so wow...Thank you i wouldn't have discovered your songs without your mail! #-D”

“Great Music from a Great Person!!!! The Videos Rock!!! You have it in your hands and Heart!!! Keep Living and Loving what God has given you.”

“I really love your music! All the very best for your career! :-)”

“Your music sounds great by the way. Trust me that's a good thing, cause I only listen to the best music for a specific genre that a band or artist is in. And you sir happen to know just what it takes to play music for yours. Keep it up.”

“Impressive! Love your style...love your look!!”

“keep up the good work :)”

“wow...great music,man! keep it up:)”

“WoW...it's like I keep starting off my comments the same way...WoW!!!! That was Awesome LOL!!! It gave Josh chills lol ;D”

“Nice Dude!! Nice!!”

“I became a fan of yours, I really like your songs and music, you have an awsome voice.”

“NICE Scenery!!!!!!! Your Energy is GREAT! I love the lyrics and the look!”

“Oh Yeah!!! I'm Diggin This Tune!! Yall Look Great Together!!”

“You are killin that bass!!”

“I really like the blinking letters...looks like you're on a stage ;D Can I meet the drummer?”


“WOW! Velvet-smooth vocals and music that speaks from the soul! A mix of the best R&B grooves with contemporary keyboard tracks! I love it!!”

“You are very talented! I like your music! Keep on Rockin'”

"Great Energy!!!! Great Video!!!"

“Now...ya know...I luuuuv this video!”

“This f***in Rocks. Great vid.”

“Very good- i really enjoyed”

“I love your videos!! Especially the on with the four separate pictures but you were dancing like the same way on all of them.... You are such a creative talented person!”

“I really have been touched by your videos - God bless you! Keep them coming!”

“Damn You Look F***ing Amazing!!!!! oh..and so does the VIDEO!!!!!”

“nice song!”

“the video is really good man. I need to come down and be in a video LOL.”

“Thaaaat's Bad! And the riffs are a mutha....”

“ur very talented, u have a mixture of music, and I really like the feel of ur music. It also has that feel of peacefulness. Clock work is really unique, I've never seen music done that way b4. Its really awesome, Keep up the good work, God Bless You and your Family!!”

“Nicely done!!! Lyrics, music and video complimented the senses. Would like to know and hear more of your compositions. Looking forward to your next posting or the purchasing of your music.”

“Lovely melody,the whole piece is great! Love to hear more from the artist.”

“I'm in love with this song and this man!!!!”

“Great job dude.... this is a great song man... MORRREEE pleaaasssse..... By the way we need guitar tabs man i would really enjoy jaming along you know...”

“Serene, surrealistic, beautiful song and polished video. No iTunes hit on a search for The Style?? Shocked! This composition is super, movie sound track material as well. Great effort and awesome result!!!! Your unique song stands alone, and I love it! (more.. more)”

“Nicely edited, it has a very 90's look which I havent seen since... well the early 90's I like it, your voice is awesome and the music is moving!”

“I love your video and the song is awesome. I have you saved in my favorites....like to listen to it to mellow out when I have had a stressful day. It really relaxes....keep up the great work!”

“A. Shabazz Q', This is the sh&^$^&t, really like the lfow of this jam and the Bass line is on point. Do your thing Man Peace Out ONE”

“i really like this jam the melody sounds that of an 80s type jam. it is a beat that is kinda enticing. i love the beat it is like i cant get enough of it. really nice song. it could become a hit if it got into the right hands.”