St. Van Cortlandt & the 101 / Press

"Songs without Faces, Friends without Words is an album which, on first hearing, would make the listener think that here was some lo-fi indie folk. But you would be wrong. This sound is deliberate. Multi-tracked vocals and guitars are not something you can achieve on a cheap boombox in your bedroom. And this album mixes folk with a whole host of other influences that you wouldn't think would go together well ... Quite how St Van Cortlandt and the 101 manage to cram so much into their sound is quite remarkable. Some of the tracks are so thick with sound that they could almost be ‘heavy', a sensation enhanced by the production ... Never mind Sufjan Stevens thinking about making an album for each and every state in the US - this is all fifty states rolled into a single album. The album could as easily take you on a journey across the idiosyncratic features of the USA or lock you in a basement with a geek on Facebook and let you discover the world from there."

“Guy: “I dig it man, it’s a great album.” Victoria: “I thoroughly enjoyed the it, it’s kinda alternative, there’s a little folk in it, it’s just really good. I wasn’t expecting all that much and I was really pleasantly surprised.” Guy: (laughs) “ ‘I wasn’t expecting much?’ that’s great.” Victoria: “Well you never know, you walk into something without any kind of expectations. And then when something is that good …” John: “See Victoria has low standards, that’s what it is.” Victoria: “I have very high standards.” Guy: “Nah I’m gonna tell you right now, when it comes down to music Victoria is a pretty fuckin’ tough customer. ‘Cuz she don’t like anything." Victoria: (laughs) “Thanks that’s makes me sound horrible.” Guy: “No it’s true, unless it’s English …” Victoria: “No, there’s a lot of English music I don’t like either (laughs).”