Sturgeon General / Press

“With a name like Sturgeon General, punsters might say they'd expect something fishy about the band's music. However, in Sturgeon General's Stout we do not have a can of water-packed tuna, instead this fine album is more like caviar if we insist on using fish analogies. It's quite fitting, when a sturgeon's roe is used to make caviar to begin with.”

“One of the most musically impressive tracks here is from a Utah ska band called Sturgeon General; on "Live the Life" they fly through a surprisingly complicated and refined arrangement that lurches from a dueling banjos opening to high-octane ska, and then into loping reggae and back........”

“One track that deserves to be played often is "Teenage Wedding," with its lovely intro that slides into a fast paced ska. The song is fun to listen to and even more fun to dance to. The lyrics "If you can't give me what I need, then baby give me what I want" should be sung as loudly as possible. It's just a downright great song. It is stuck in my head right now.”

“These mother effers are dead sexy”

Burly press