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"They looked a little unconventional . . .It didn't take long into their first song and I was impressed. There was a skillful interplay of the two guitars as Joe Pirroni handled a strong rhythm role while Michael Freeman tore it up with accents and fiery solos. The bass was in the pocket and the other aspect that kept it interesting was having two drummers, one of whom first played percussion, and then went behind the kit. The crowd loved the guitar work but there was more than just that. This band really got the room revved!"

"...At some points I can almost hear Van Morrison singing, especially at the end of “Fascination Jackson”. The guitar tone is a mix between Santana, southern rock and Phish." "...A lot of jam bands feel that solos don’t have to go anywhere and can be musical masturbation. Sturdy Moss understands that you can’t just play notes and you have to take the music someplace. The music of Study Moss truly lights up the speakers on my stereo. I am sure they are even a more powerful live band and I look forward to catching them live sometime soon." -Yourband.info- http://yourband.info/index.php?q=sturdy-moss

"Led by the gritty vocals and blazing blue fretwork of Michael Freeman, Sturdy Moss takes their cues from rock, blues, jam, and soul. Freeman’s voice is hard to ignore and sounds reminiscent of Van Morrison, Adam Duritz (Counting Crows), and Scott Stapp (Creed) while his guitar playing features a creamy distorted compression that hints of Duane Allman’s tone. Sturdy Moss members Darin Leeman on drums, Roland Young on bass, Bill Hooper on percussion, and Joe Pirroni on guitar help round out the jam band sounds on "Proclivities.""

Brian M Owens - Metronome Magazine

“Sturdy Moss is the best!”

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