“Being in radio, I’ve been given many cd’s throughout the years. And often times I get people that shoot me an email telling me I have to check out this band of young kids. Or they come up to me and tell me how great their kid, nephew or whatever is. (You know how people are always much more impressed with their own kids/relatives talents and not afraid to boast.) Well usually, I hear some potential but am not really blown away. Not so with ‘Stuck on Stupid”, these guys are awesome! ”

“Yet in that recurring beat of classic rock as played by teenagers, Stuck on Stupid has found a niche that is attracting national attention. Last month, the Capital Region band shared the bill with Styx, Twisted Sister and Buckcherry at the Midwest Rockfest in Wichita, Kan., playing to a crowd of 5,000 and earning one of the festival's few encores. Read the full article below ”

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