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Strychnia / Press

“The band grabs you with the first song and doesn't let go. If anything the grip tightens as the album progresses. Each song is just as brutal as the song that came before it and because the album is only five songs long, once the album finishes the band's grip never loosens and you find yourself listening to the album over and over again.”

“While the guitars cut away at the listener’s ears like razor wire, and the drums pound at the listener’s head like artillery fire, the vocals split the listener from back to front, providing a completely disemboweling combination of slamming, technical death metal and punctual, structured deathcore.”

“Strychnia’s new EP “Reanimated Monstrosity” is easily the most impressive set of songs to come from a band of this stature. Not only is the quality extremely good but these songs hold up and greatly surpass any other band in this genre of music. The hard hitting guitar solos, fast paced blast beats, and gut-wrenching screams that are showcased in these songs will surprise any listener that they are coming from a local-sized band. This collection of music represents a perfect execution of a thrash metal sound as well as technical skill.”

“Before I even start to play this EP I can tell I'm going to at least enjoy it in some way. Brutal-as-fuck artwork from one of my favourite death metal album artists (Marco Hasmann)? Check. Guest Appearance from a highly regarded death metal veteran (John Gallagher from the mighty Dying Fetus)? Check. On paper this sounds fantastic. So I bought the EP after hearing nothing but the title track once, I cautiously locate the album in iTunes and press play... Am I disappointed? FUCK NO!”

“Surely, there is no higher endorsement that a young, up and coming death metal band can receive than one from Dying Fetus’ John Gallagher. So the mere fact that New Jersey’s Strychnia got Gallagher to provide guest vocals on a new song alone makes the band worthy of your attention. But fret not — this isn’t just some case of Gallagher paying back a cousin or something. Clearly, Strychnia know their shit, and it’s not difficult to see why Gallagher would be willing to get involved. The song in question — the title track for their new EP, Reanimated Monstrosity – is certainly Fetus-esque; it features the same kind of straightforward, focused devotion to creating aural devastation without worrying about being overly technical or trendy. I dig it — see if you do, too!”

“I never really took it upon myself to check them out... and when I finally did, I felt I had been missing out on something. This is a hard hitting brutally good Death/Thrash band!”

“Throughout the duration of the album, you hear some of the best growls that I’ve heard in years out of a brand new band. On top of that, everything the Vocalist does shines with experience, care, skill, and talent. This is what the biggest surprise to me has been, because there are plenty of bands that, as a whole, are great, but individually, each member seems to have a bunch of issues. I have a very, very hard time pointing out issues within the individual members of Strychnia.”

“In their song "Vile Creation" the listener is first hit by a mid tempo death metal crawl (imagine a zombie is crawling on the ground towards you, this is the music that would be played in the background). Then at around 50 seconds into the song the band switches into an all out thrash assault, fast guitars and raging drums now dominate the listeners ear drums (imagine that zombie from before has now gotten up and is chasing you).”

“De schijf staat vol met harde en strakke gitaar riffs die je prompt aanzetten tot een stevig potje headbangen. Van begin tot einde worden we meegezogen in een lawine van gitaren en drums, de Death Metal invloeden hoor je dan weer bij de crowls van zanger Kevin O'Laughlin, luister maar eens naar het hallucinerende snelle en diep gezongen The Anatomy of Execution. En toch ligt de grote draagkracht van dit album bij de gitaren, een mooi voorbeeld zijn de verschroeiende solo's op Ashes of Resurrection of Vile Creation.”

“Strychnia is one of the best up and coming thrash/death metal bands. The band pulls off the combination so well that it feels like you are listening to a Florida death metal band from the late 80s, but instead it is a band from New Jersey in 2012.”

“The playing on this album is stellar and there are some really brilliant solos. They add a lot to the music and provide from the oh so metal riffing. The raw energy in the guitarists' playing is really cool and it shows how much fun they are having. The bass work is remarkably heavy and there are some nice bass fills. It really keeps the band steady and helps protect the rhythm section from collapsing with the hectic drum attack. I really find the drums here to be absolutely stellar.”

“Strychnia is a young Thrash / Death Metal band from NJ, USA who’s starting to get more exposure both in and outside the U.S. They’ve released a full length album entitled “The Anatomy of Execution” in 2011, which is now available for free download and full online streaming.”

“Old-school thrashy Death Metal is the game of American band Strychnia who are in their second year of existence.”

“When a "Scream" band comes along and makes my head swing, it's a RARE occasion. However, other than the mighty "Cradle of Filth" never has a "screamer" made me want to slam my cranium against a wall in triumph and pure respect more than the band Strychnia!”