Strum the Fox / Press

“If you sort of like swing, jazz, 80s metal, punk, jungle drums, classical music, and pop rock but have a terrible time focusing and listening to one genre for more than ten seconds, you should totally check out Strum The Fox. In one video they went from a tribal drum groove to quoting an 80s pop standard and back into the standard jazz metal groove all within about four measures. If you’re in Baltimore and you can’t decide what genre you’re in the mood for or you want to see how many drums a three piece band could possible use, be sure to go check out Strum The Fox.”

“In an era of musical homogenization, where the "scene" rewards easily identifiable conformity and the necrophiliac plundering of bygone genres and styles, Strum the Fox is a breath of fresh, unpolluted air. Boasting sharp, virtuosic interplay between electric guitar and amplified violin, and sturdy Bonham-esque percussive pummeling employed with a lightness and fluidity rivaling jazz players, the group cleverly (and unpretentiously) find a middle ground between ambitiously frantic prog epics, proto-metallic blues-bludgeoning occultism and the highbrow aspirations of modern composition. A thrilling journey to the ends of the dark side of the moon, never forsaking melodic invention amidst the interstellar push-and-pull of interdimensional rhythms culled from beneath the abyss. As above, so below.”

Carla Crisp - Baltimore Art & Music Project

“This trio commands serious improvisational power, with notes of swing and jazz, classical, heavy metal, and pop spicing up every bar. The group must have a devil of a time finding shows, though: Their musical sophistication (example: they had one section where they stayed together while all playing in different time signatures) places their listeners in the button-down world, but the volume output puts them in the mosh pit. A wonderful surprise for the start of the evening.”

"Strum the Fox"- v. to strive for the highest order of originality; n. a Baltimore-based three-man rock band doing just that.