“Baltimore’s Strong Intention are a ruthless blend of grinding, murderous and elongated outbursts punctuated by classic Hardcore breakdowns. The juxtaposition of what sounds like the darker, more depressive side of Black Flag being thrown into a fucking blender with the clarity and simplicity of the “Another Voice” era Agnostic Front is wonderfully enthralling. By the second track, I’ve even warmed to the sounds that are far outside my comfort zone. There’s something incredibly charming about this outfit The vocals are comparable to those of the Cro- Mags, as is their general doomy-yet-high-energy and pessimistic sound. There seems to be something for everyone on this album which in parts resembles DRI, in others Napalm Death and in others still, Hatebreed I would advise that you grab this album as soon as possible- it’s refreshing to hear something that refuses to toe the line and convulses violently out of step with the rest of the Punk Rock scene. Fan-fucking-tastic”

“The sporadic nature of Razorblade Express is one of its most endearing qualities and makes for a very solid listen and a worthy addition to the catalog of fans of all of the above mentioned bands. Albeit short, this provides enough promise to see what Strong Intention can do over the course of an actual full length. Strong Intention’s major strength is the variety of speeds on most tracks as they tend to vary back and forth and unfurl a major bit of chaos on the listener. It is with these attributes that the listener is constantly hit with something new, whether it be slow blues laden sludge or over the top hardcore.”