“While all three opening local bands were impressive, STRIKKEN stood out as one of the best.”

“Strikken, meanwhile, has caught the interest of others, most recently with its sophomore release, According to Purpose, winning best metal album at the Ohio Music Awards in December.”

“Sophomore album from this exciting band that has the audacity to combine the intense majesty of power metal with the modern aggression of metalcore. Great heavy grooves abound and the mixture of clean and death vocals work extremely well together.”

“HEADBANG TODAY Strikken received “Best Metal Album” nominations “Pure aggression flowing through your speakers” -Metal Mark, Skulls-N-Bones. Formed in 2001 near Columbus, Ohio; Strikken has created a distinct nitch for themselves and managed to separate from the crowd with a ‘melodic’ metal sound that grabs your attention. Strikken has opened and headlined across the mid-west playing over 500 shows and sharing the stage with major metal acts such as All That Remains, Times of Grace, Drowning Pool and more. In 2011 Strikken released “Long Story Short” with the help of their own indie record label. The album has gotten great recognition including nomination for “Best Metal Album” from the Independent Music Awards, and “Best Metal Album of 2011″ from The Columbus Music Awards. Several songs from the album have been selected for the video game Rock Band. The album is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and most internet music sites. Website: http://ww”

“STRIKKEN – FULL ALBUM COMING TO ROCK BAND AND ROCK BAND BLITZ! Apr 06, 2012Posted By: noble We’ve already brought four songs from hard hitting metal band Strikken (and if you haven’t yet go check out Forever In Lies http://youtu.be/SOw-Tsedu4U (available now for 80 pts!) which is just balls out awesome), and now we’re announcing that we’re bringing an additional 10 tracks to Rock Band and Rock band Blitz! We’ll be bringing their entire 14 track debut album to the game starting with Closer : http://soundcloud.com/strikken/08-closer Look for Strikken to continue releasing music to the game throughout 2012 and beyond!”

“In their short post they mention that they are powering forward and taking names. Whilst I agree with the powering forward I don’t get the whole name taking thing but that is likely due to the fact that I am not a native English speaker. At this pace though I would agree that they can take whatever they want, names, countries or possibly your girlfriend!”

"STRIKKEN has a sound that will blow your speakers and your mind. To be able to express your passion through your talent is a gift that STRIKKEN has finally been able to realize." "8.0 OUT OF 10 HORNS" "I can’t help but think that LONG STORY SHORT is going to give them the payoff they so truly deserve." "They have the unique ability to display stage energy on a recorded track."

“Strikken is a Columbus-based band that has achieved the oh-so rarely obtained "melodic metal" sound that huge bands like Killswitch Engage, Five Finger Death Punch, and Sevendust managed to create with their music, yet they have still managed to find their own unique sound that demands your attention.”

"Based out of Ohio, Strikken is pure aggression flowing through your speakers. For fans of Sevendust, Bloodsimple, and Slipknot, this band will definitely jump out at you. The heavy guitar riffs keep your head banging till the end. The guitars also incorporate some groove in the songwriting to mix styles and add more to the overall style of the band. The vocalist is definitely a bright spot in this band. Whether he attempts screams or clean vocals, both styles are executed well. His vocal styles are perfect for the headbangers and the unaware fans in the crowd. With the talented band behind him, the future is very promising for this band…” Skulls-N-Bones.com