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“I don't like many female singers. . You have a solid tone, you don't choose to run all over the place to prove you can sing.. you're a really good singer. Very tasteful”

H, Planet Gemini - myspace.com

“Miss Dawn, I must admit.. I have been addicted to Closest Romantic since you posted it.. It is a frequent flyer on my ipod, and the chorus still gives me goosebumps. As with all your music, I always feel the passion in your voice.”

Matt Palmer - myspace.com

“i love watching and listening to all of you. you always sound great. of course, i love the unplugged project too!!”

Ty Serpa - myspace.com

“I just can't get enough! Eric”


"Really?" Smokin'. You and Chip come up with some kick ass rock. You keep posting I got my ears on out here. -Rob


“ My God... where are you from.. I wanna be your drummer!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK Girl!”

"Just got finished listening to all your songs. - Your the real deal. Love the diversity you have. "Itchy" is a classic right out of the box. "not fine" is a hauntingly beautiful piece.

“Love listening to you!!!! What a gift you have!”

“somebody sign this girl...!!!!!!!! great new song little momma..nice production and as usual great vocals..thanx for all your hard work”

“Hey Dawn!! Everytime I come by, you have new stuff posted! I love What??... just excellent... and "Get Lost" shows off the best vocals on Jamwave. Great job as always!!”

“Everything I listened to on your page (which would be EVERYTHING!) is fantastic!! I loved the groove in WHAT, and what you did to Zepp....... very tasty:P I'm a fan, and this fan is turned on HIGH”