Infamou$ / Press

“doooope tracks....def liken your style....we def need to do a show soon and rock denver!”

New Profession - SFR

“yo , u definatly doin dat good music , showin surport from da uk”

Too Layzee - SFR

“I'm definatly looking forward to out Collab and I'ma spread word to the labels i'm working with. You got that Old skool feel. I dig it. Holla bOI!”

Blaze Tha Meziah - SFR

“WHO DAT!!! CRAZY! If U ain't Rockin' Wit My Boy Infamous Ye Ain't Rockin'! Keep it up homey, C U @ Tha Top!”

Sweezy Da Don/Just Breathe Ent./Universal - SFR

“Hi Infamous, good work man. your work and ambition is impressive. regarding collab i live in london tho. except if i come round sometime in the states.”

“In life we may not have a lot, but we always have enough.”

Infamous - SFR