Strawberry Fist Cake / Press

“Dig the tunes by the way!”

Jay Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb)

“Got a bit worried when I read the inside stage and didn't see Strawberry Fist Cake on the list, big relief to see them outside. Sydney Rd Street Party wouldn't be the same without them at the Brunny”

Ned Watson

“Regarding our submission for the 2013 Australian Warped Tour. "Not a fucking chance, you're nobodies!"”

AJ Maddah - Via Email

"The latest Strawberry Fist Cake film-clip (This Drink's For You) is an absolute roller-coaster of emotions that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end!"

James Crow - Where's Grover

“I have found that if you listen to enough Strawberry Fist Cake on you tube eventually all you can find in the related section is rainbow cakes and Cakepops! Rainbow Ruffle Cake pop!”

Jesse Spaz - Barleycorn Hotel

“I missed out on that spastically shit awesome Format show here a few weeks back: featuring God God Damnit Damnit, Strawberry Fist Cake, Pink Flamingos (and no, really who the fuck are half of these bands!? WHO THE FUCK CARES IT WOULD'VE BEEN INSANE!!) and headlined by Jet Boys: a punk band from JAPAN!? except nooo, I picked pissy 'ol (admittedly badass) album launch at Jade Monkey, didn't I !?”

“Review of the "Another Drink" Film Clip. "I thought it very Italian Neorealism. I liked the clip - and the way you guys (Strawberry Fist Cake) played the song was great!!"”

Julius Perks - Film Producer (Bewilder Films)

“Who want’s some strawberry fist cake!? I love this band name and when I heard their pirate song, boy did I loose my shit. I was onto them right away and now I’m ready to spread them around like an STD… This drunk punk band from Melbourne are making a name for themselves in the punk scene and it’s all down hill from here, for you!… Complete interview available on the "Kill Your Scene" website ”

“This Melbourne band (Strawberry Fist Cake) brings true punk sound to the scene, their music has that fast pace and has a lot of tongue and cheek in their songs. although not many songs on the RN website I have included links to my favourite three, Fred Basset, Pirate Song, (&) Lower Class Trash.”