Stratus / Press

"I heard a song from this EP on Stephan Jacob's show this week and immediately had to get it. Stratus' new EP, Planetary, is like crazed robots from outer space went on a bender and beamed music directly onto my HDD. This EP is characterized by frenetic and at times schizophrenic basslines and space saturating complex synth lines. The songs on this album epitomize hard hitting laser drenched melodic dubstep and considering it's completely free I encourage everyone to go check it out immediately"

“Patrick Stratton AKA Stratus just released a 5-track EP for free, and it is full of sexiness. This track in particular gets me just right; got a nice “purple” feel to it with some subtle, but heavier elements mixed in. Stratus and his partner in crime Lo Bounce are making some moves in Chicago and if you are familiar with the Kinetic Playground, then I am fairly confident you have heard these two at some point, either separately or together as Ghetto Sexuual. I like when they do their own thang to be honest, and I’m pumped to hear more in the future. Enjoy this track for now and download the full EP if you feel so inclined here. Big ups Patrick, the craziest gent I’ve had the pleasure of ragin’ (yea, i said rage brookah) with. Give the man some love and check back for more later, 2011 is gonna be exciting.”