Strangled Darlings / Press

“Take what you think you know about folk music, Americana and the likes of that, crumple it up and set it on fire or something. Strangled Darlings have expert song writing, exquisite musicianship, funky beats, flowing melodies and a twisted sense of humor...”

“Strangled Darlings have created a brand of swampy, darkly grooving, foot stomping music”

“Strangled Darlings are one of the few folk duos that deftly mix genres, emotions and observations to not only share what they’re thinking, but help you better clarify your own impressions. Isn’t that what great music is all about?”

“Veech’s voice is full of passion and ruggedness, mixing folk with punk and creating a new genre that makes a statement and stands tall.”

“This is no gentle folk act and that Strangled Darlings is not afraid to take risks.”

“Strangled Darlings are creepy in the most endearing kind of way, like a monster from an old horror movie you can’t help but empathize with. The duo finds their influence in the roots of Americana and folk and drives them through themes of insanity, betrayal and the supernatural to create dark, yet surprisingly charming music.”

“Portland’s Strangled Darlings bring punk intensity to folk pop and completely bust the mold, creating smart, irreverent tunes using classic acoustic folk instrumentation paired with rough, impassioned vocals. Think of it rather like the Clash with an indie Northwestern American aesthetic.”

“Strangled Darlings, have an edgy approach to folk and Americana. The band’s unique style and sound easily can captivate listeners”