Strangers And Liars / Press

“Their songs feel intimate as a whisper, yet rock with hard-strummed guitar, chiming chords, catchy hooks and captivating melodies.”

“Melodic guitar pop with a suspicion of twang and an abundance of hooks.”

“...they write huge, classic pop songs without forfeiting intimacy.”

“FIVE SEAT CONCERT HALL has been imbued with a fulsome, warm sound that draws the listener in.”

“'Broken Hearts' arrives on big acoustic guitars, but before long Anderson is providing delicate electric detail and the chorus ingrains itself into the subconscious.”

“FIVE SEAT CONCERT HALL is solid gold and a definite 'must-listen-to' CD, very well deserving of a five star rating.”

““Don’t Play With Me” ups the vitriol and borders on dark, without ever sacrificing its pop heart, and “Along for the Ride” treads similar ground to “Kick” period INXS, but with a heap more subtlety and a bucketful of feel-good charm.”

“In addition to fantastic musicianship, the entire album shows off excellent production values and a well-chosen flow of the song progressions.”